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President of Honduras says he and his wife have coronavirus

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, Hernandez at a speaking event. Image created by Presidencia El Salvador, CC0 license.

The President of Honduras has stated that he and his wife have both contracted coronavirus. The President of Honduras has since been hospitalized for the coronavirus. This was reported by The New York Times within the last 24 hours. The New York Times reports that Juan Orlando Hernandez has stated his wife and two of his aides have likewise been infected with the disease. Hernandez was hospitalized on Wednesday. 

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NPR News likewise reported Hernandez’ disease. He has vowed to “beat this pandemic” confirming his positive diagnosis to Honduras via a televised address. 

“I feel strong and energetic enough to keep going and beat this pandemic. We continue in the fight, and we trust in God that we are going to get ahead of this situation. I personally trust God, Honduran doctors and the medicine that we’re using to combat this disease,” said Hernandez in his televised address, as he was quoted by NPR News. 

Hernandez, his wife, and his aides number four souls out of the whole 9,600 confirmed patients of  COVID-19 within the nation of Honduras. These 9,600 are a comparatively smaller number of the population of over 9 million people. Yet, Latin America has become the epicenter of COVID-19 on earth, citing NBC News. This means that the 9,600 positive cases can contribute to a rapid spread if left unchecked. 

Hernandez has been the central figure in great controversy in his home nation as protests launch over his disputed reelection. He has chosen to turn a blind eye to these surmounting allegations. Instead, he has promised to continue his duties as president through virtual means. 

“I’ve been told to rest, but I will continue to carry out my work electronically and through my officials and collaborators. We’ll be in contact,” said Hernanzed, as he was further quoted by NPR News. 

NBC News reported that doctors have determined Hernandez has pneumonia that is a direct cause of the coronavirus. This was determined after they reviewed lab work and x-rays. The doctors thus determined that Hernandez should be hospitalized. In the meantime, his wife and two aides tested positive for the virus but do not appear to show signs of progressed symptoms. 

The Associated Press has given some context to the numbers of COVID-19 in Honduras. From March to June 7, Honduras saw an increase of 6,327 coronavirus cases. In the 10 days that followed, there would be an additional 3,329 cases confirmed. This means that half of the increase from the span of March to June has transpired in a period of 10 days only. This would imply an aggressive doubling of virus cases in Honduras. While the number of cases is comparatively small compared to the population, the risk of doubling appears to be increasing. 

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However, it is possible that these doubling cases may be isolated to certain locales. The AP reported that the northern business hub city San Pedro Sula appears to be the majority case location  of the Honduran status of coronavirus cases. At this stage, the focal point of new infections is in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, further citing AP. 

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