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Chicago treasure hunter claims she found the legendary ‘Forrest Fenn Treasure’

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, this is Castle Peak, Colorado in the Rocky Mountains. The treasure was hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains in the New Mexico region. This image was created by Dbunde (talk) in 2009, Public Domain license.

A Chicago treasure hunter claims that she was the one who initially found the legendary “Forrest Fenn Treasure.” This was reported by WGN Radio 720 on June 17. Barbara Anderson, attorney and Chicago treasure hunter, spoke with WGN’s Anna Davlantes on Thursday regarding her find. Anderson states that she is on the trail of a hidden lock box that is worth $1 million. Anderson says that she was hacked and that her solve was stolen. Anderson lives in Rogers Park.

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Anderson spoke with WGN Radio 720 to describe her lawsuit about the chest. Anderson was considered the lead solver of the chest trail. Forrest Fenn himself considered Anderson the lead solver.  Anderson states that she was hacked by “the man back East.” Anderson states that she is somewhat uncertain, but that she believes she was reached by the “man back East” may have hacked and followed her to the spot. She may be the actual finder of the treasure.  At the time she spoke with WGN, she was on the trail in New Mexico. 

Anderson claims that she was texted by a prank app, and that her data and her potential trail would have to have been stolen. Anderson states that she has been searching for the clues of the chest for two-to-three years. Anderson has been following nine clues. She also states that she would likely be the only person that would have located the extremely remote location where the treasure was physically located. Anderson would have solved the poem puzzle to the ninth clue on her own over the course of the two-three years. After this, she states that one would need to solve the puzzle a second time to track from the location of the ninth clue marker and to the actual physical locale where the treasure is contained. 

People Magazine reported the story of Forrest Fenn, the infamous art and artifacts dealer from Santa Fe who hid the alleged Rock Mountain treasure of gold coins, historical artifacts, and various other items. Fenn states that whoever found the treasure would have claim to its $1 million cash value. 

The pursuit of the Fenn treasure was perilous for all and fatal for some. People Magazine reports that five people died in pursuit of the mysterious lockbox. Most recently, a 58-year-old man died in pursuit of the treasure. 

People Magazine showcased exclusive photos featuring the aging eccentric Forrest Fenn posing with some items that comprise his famous treasure contents. He shared the first photos after the chest was officially found by “some guy back East” as was stated by Anna Davlantes, who reported that no official description of the finder was given. From the Fenn blog post on Dal, a seven part blog update and photo spread of the findings was showcased. It contained the same objects one might expect from pirate loot of yesteryear. 

Fenn also expressed to People Magazine that it was bittersweet for him that the treasure hunt is over. Fenn hid the treasure roughly 10 years ago, citing NBC News. Mr. Fenn told People Magazine that he wanted to give average Americans the chance at obtaining instant wealth. 

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“I’ve had so much fun over the last 75 years looking for arrowheads and fossils and strange things out in the forests and along the river banks, why not give others the opportunity to do the same thing?” said Fenn, as he was quoted by People Magazine. 

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