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Sony PlayStation 5 Price Briefly Leaked on Amazon

By Fabrice Pierre-Toussaint

Staff Writer for Telegraph Local | See my LinkedIn

Amazon France for a brief moment listed the PlayStation 5’s price and release date before taking that information down.

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This comes via Ben Geskin on Twitter, who stumbled on the listing prior to Amazon scrubbing it. He took screenshots, however.

Geskin, a content creator and concept designer with over 100,000 Twitter followers, tweeted a screenshot of it.

The listing has been removed, and it is quite possible that the information might not be accurate as with most leaks, one shouldn’t take it seriously.

It is interesting and not at all unbelievable. Amazon France lists the release date for the PS5 as November 20th, 2020 right in the middle of the Holiday shopping season, and one week before Black Friday. 

Sources from slashgear.com state the Sony PlayStation 5 will likely launch for the prices $400 and $500 USD (equivalent) for the Digital and the standard editions. Which is more than the original price of the Sony PlayStation 4 at launch, which was approximately $400 USD. The Sony PlayStation 3 launched for closer to $600 USD. 

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If Sony PlayStation 5 launches a Digital Edition for $400, and the standard version which might be renamed PlayStation 5 Pro, but for now, has no extra name, was priced at $500, Microsoft could have an edge. Released at the same time, this holiday season, Microsoft might just hold an event where they suggest that the Xbox One X is part of their “current” lineup of consoles, pricing said device at $350. They’d sell the rest of their stock but that’s only speculation.

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