Coronavirus vaccine trial in Chicago
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Coronavirus vaccine trial in Chicago

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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 Above, an outer view of Univeristy of Illinois Medical Center taken in 2008. Created by Hied 5. CC By 3.0 license.

Coronavirus vaccine trials have begun in Chicago. A vaccine trial has begun in Chicago, as bars and other services reopen for business. The trials for the vaccine will launch from the University of Illinois at Chicago. The clinical trials will begin next month.  This was reported by NBC at 12:55pm on June 16. 

Chicago on track for phase 4 of re-opening on June 16

Illinois nears the next stage of reopening as new cases of coronavirus and new instances of coronavirus-related mortality seem to be on the decline. In preparation for this positive swing in Illinois’ public health status, NBC Chicago spoke with Dr. Richard Novak, the lead investigator of the clinical trial at UIC. 

“We want to see if the vaccine will prevent people from getting COVID-19 or if it will prevent people from experiencing severe illness if they do get the disease,” Dr. Richard Novak, lead investigator of the clinical trial at UIC. We want to test this vaccine in people who are most at risk of experiencing complications and death due to the virus,” said Novak, in a recent statement, as he was quoted by NBC News. 

UIC has also released a Twitter statement regarding the COVID-19 vaccine tests conducted at its university hospital campus. 

#UIC will soon test a vaccine for #COVID19.

Expected to launch July 9, the trial — a phase 3 clinical study led by Dr. Richard Novak  — will test the efficacy of a vaccine developed by biotech company Moderna,” state this is UIC news in a tweet that was posted at 9:30 am on June 15. It was later retweeted by UIC Medical. 

Chicago seems to rally behind the University studies with hope for the city and new questions rising at every turn. Mayor Lori Lightfoot continued to urge Chicagoans to practice public health safety advisory guidelines at the same time as this news broke. 

“We all have a part to play in keeping ourselves and our communities healthy. Anyone who has had recent high-risk exposure to COVID is encouraged to sign up for testing at,” said Lightfoot, in a pinned tweet that she posted at 12:56pm on June 16. 

However, not all appears to be well in paradise, as Lightfoot’s urgings were also met with criticism that she had allowed the use of tear gas during civil rights protest escalations. This, despite the respiratory pandemic. Many who responded to Lightfoot’s tweet also made a note of the fact that they had not seen law enforcement officials wearing PPP masks at recent public events. 

Reopening plan for Chicago’s lakefront, bars unveiled

Lightfoot did not appear to directly address these questions on her Twitter feed. Instead, she focused on new shared street reopenings and alerting the public where COVID-19 mobility options were increasing. 

“Bronzeville and Kenwood residents – there’s a new Shared Street on Drexel Boulevard! The City will continue working with residents on developing ways we can support physical distancing in our communities during COVID. Take our survey →,” said Lightfoot in a tweet that was posted at 1:52 pm on June 17. 

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