KFC isn't releasing a game console
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KFC isn’t releasing a game console to compete with Sony’s PS5

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local

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Above, KFC does a global business. Pictured is a KFC location in Panzhou, Guizhou, China. Image created by Huangdan 2060 in July 2019 . CC By 3.0 License.

Could you picture a world where you could order a PS5 defying game console with a bucket of Kentucky Fried? KFC’s social media team apparently has beaten you to this headcanon. Alas, it is not to be. KFC is only trolling Sony and Microsoft with social posts of its own fictitious PS5-level game console. This was reported by CNet within the last 24 hours. KFC launched the fictitious console reveal one day after the revelation of Playstation 5. The Playstation 5, or PS5, reveal was also reported by CNet on June 13. 

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Motley Fool also ran with the spoof stating that KFConsole would run in November. Motley Fool reports that the Yum! Foods brand fast food chain KFC was using a targeted social post via SproutSocial to drive engagement. SproutSocial helped KFC to create its #PowerYourHunger hashtag. The post targeting appeared to be an effort to increase excitement regarding the KFC brand. 

KFC chose to troll Sony and Microsoft on social media with its own fake console reveal. The fictitious console was named KFConsole. It was shared along with the hashtag #PowerYourHunger. 

KFC’s faux console had a realistic exterior with a red power button. It even went so far as to include a “chicken chamber” for when the player also has the urge to fry up chicken. 

Despite the fact that KFConsole is false, KFC has shown vested interest in the world of gamers with a dating simulator app called I Love You Colonel Sanders Dating Simulator Game and it’s own KFC Minecraft builds. 

The console post was featured on KFC Gaming, the official Twitter handle associated with KFC brand related games and apps. It was preceded by the captioned “the future of gaming is here.” 

Due to the fact that KFC has its own brand-associated games, the internet was temporarily abuzz with questions as to whether or not the KFConsole could be real. Republic World made a note of the KFConsole’s false reveal as gamers awaited news regarding both PS5 and XBox Series X. The KFConsole was “released” to look like a bucket of the fast food chain’s signature chicken. 

Many also got in on the joke, laughing with KFC in a class act of brand and audience engagement. 

“Dayummmm, how much storage though? I guess 2ChickenBytes,” said one Twitter user.

“2 Terabites,” replied KFC Gaming along with an emoji of a face wearing sunglasses.

“I bet the CPU is clocked at 11 giga-herbs-and-spices,” said another Twitter user. 

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While KFC celebrated the “release” of KFConsole, PS5 was announced with an impressive lineup of titles. One fan favorite is The Last of Us Part II. Another is Bugsnax, the trailer of which aired on Playstation’s official Twitter handle.  Other games that will make their series console debut on PS5 include Deathloop, Hitman 3, Godfall, The Far Shore, The Tribes of Midgard, The Pathless, Resident Evil Village and more, citing Playstation’s official web handle. 

It is unclear if the Playstation company or the XBox Series X team noticed the KFC joke or what their response was. 

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