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Scores arrested after far-right groups target anti-racism protests in London and Paris

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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This was not the first time American politics impacted Europe. Above, a Trump protest in London’s Parliament square in 2019. Image created RLO919, CC By SA 4.0 license.

Over 100 arrests were made as from Europe to Australia political parties on both the extreme right and the Black Lives Matter movement clashed. These groups clashed directly with the police. The Independent, see the video below, reported the the right-wing protesters clashed with riot police in London’s Parliament Square on Saturday afternoon, highlighting a weekend of tension across Europe and the world.

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This was reported by Deutsche Welle. Protests occurred in London, The United Kingdom, in France, and in Australia with the largest occurring in Perth, Australia in particular. In Perth, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation estimated at least 5,000 people had assembled. This was despite the fact that the gathering had not gained a city council permit in accordance with Australian law. 

Various outlets suggest that a sense of needing to safeguard national monuments is what prompted far-right groups in London to clash with police. This was inferred by the news outlet The Republic. The Republic referred to the people who clashed with police over monument locations as “far right” groups and “soccer rowdies.” 

The Republic also stated that Paris’ riot police fired tear gas cannons into the crowds of protesters. Incidents of teargas usage occurred on Saturday as the primarily peaceful protests escalated. The Republic cites the Associated Press as its source. 

France 24 referred to all protest assemblies as “fresh” protests against police brutality in the nation of France and in solidarity with the African American community. France 24 referred to the protests as “fresh” occurrences as they transpire two years after a rash of violent altercations between tax protesters and French police in 2018. France has likewise seen rallies of the Yellow Shirt movement in protest against perceived injustices within the country that were swiftly followed with retaliation from officials including water cannon deployment. 

In the wake of worldwide protests over the injustices performed against George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other African Americans another tragedy strikes. Oluwatoyin Salau, also commonly known as Toyin Salau, has been found dead in Tallahassee, Florida. This triggered the hashtag “Rest in Power” on Twitter late on Sunday and early on Monday.  Ms. Salau was of Nigerian descent. She was a vocal Black Lives Matters supporter, and spoke out about sexual harassment and assault, as reported by USA Today.

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Ms. Salau, in addition to being known for her vocal support of Black Lives Matter, was also a model of some rising acclaim. Salau was aged a mere 19 at the time of her passing.

Ms. Salau stated on the morning she went missing that a man from the church she had been staying in for refuge offered her a car ride the morning she went missing. When she accepted his offer, she alleged that he molested her. She spoke out about it that same day.  She went missing for a few days after his, and was reported found dead in Tallahassee ultimately. Ms. Salau had been missing since June 6. 

Ms. Salau’s tragic death sparked a series of response tweets expressing outrage, confusion, and pain. This seemed to accent a day littered with hostilities as the entire planet reels with the discussion of anti-racism. Ms. Salau’s death also prompted a move of the hashtag “PROTECT BLACK WOMEN.”

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