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Illinois reports lowest daily number of coronavirus-related deaths since early April

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Lakefront Trail in 2013 created by Larry LaRose, CC By SA 3.0. Lightfoot has reopened the trail as COVID-19 appears to dwindle a bit.

Illinois reports the lowest daily number of coronavirus-related deaths since early April. This was reported by the Chicago Tribune within the last 21 hours. This rapid decrease came despite the fact that an apparent resurgence of cases occurred across 22 states. 

Despite the fact that the death toll has lowered, Dr. Michael T. Osterholm of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota has made a note that coronavirus is not going away just yet. 

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“This virus is not going to rest,” said Dr. Osterholm as he was quoted by Chicago Tribune. 

WGN-TV has corroborated Chicago Tribune’s reports that the virus death numbers have dwindled in Illinois. Over the course of Sunday, only 19 coronavirus related deaths have been confirmed in Illinois. This is the lowest number of daily deaths since April 2. 

Chicago Sun-Times likewise corroborated the reports from the Chicago Tribune and WGN-TV that coronavirus deaths are on the decline. 

The Illinois Department of Public Health has stated that 672 new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the past 24 hours. This likewise corroborates Dr. Osterholm’s statement that, while deaths are decreasing, the virus is itself not disappearing. 

The lower death rates may not have been the case of nursing facilities in the area in the last 48 hours. This report is from a week ago.

However, cases do not appear to be surging at a drastic rate either. Ben Bradley from Bradley TV of WGN-TV news reported one June 12 that there were 595 news cases of COVID-19 on that date. This was the lowest number of new cases since March 30th. Within the last week, COVID-19 rates were trending downward for Illinois, based on this data. June 15 reports shows a slight uptrend in daily cases, but it does not appear to be a significant surge. 

Even while mortality rates are down, Illinois is far from free of the ravages of coronavirus-related crisis. Illinois Governor Pritzker made a note of the toll that coronavirus has so far had on the economy of Illinois via his Twitter. 

“Because of #COVID19, more Illinoisans – many who never expected to need a helping hand – need assistance than ever before. 

So we’ve upped eligibility for these programs by increasing the income threshold from 150% to 200% of the federal poverty level.

This new funding means approximately 1 million more residents are now eligible for this program – with about 3.5 million residents eligible in total. For an average family, that amounts to hundreds of dollars.

Starting today, residents seeking emergency relief can visit http://helpillinoisfamilies.com to determine their eligibility and submit a pre-application. 

With everything in one place, we’re making it as easy as possible for our residents to get help when they need it most,” said Governor Pritzker in a series of tweets that posted at noon CDT on June 15. 

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As the numbers of COVID-19 seemed to dwindle all across the State of Illinois, Mayor Lightfoot announced the reopening of the Lakefront in Chicago. 

“Excited to share the news… our Lakefront Trail will be reopening on June 22 for exercise and transit!

To ensure we continue the progress we’ve made flattening the curve, Social Distancing Ambassadors will be along the route to ensure a safe experience for Chicagoans,” said Lightfoot in a tweet that posted at 2:08 pm on June 15. 

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