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Video shows Chicago police officers lounged in a congressman’s office during protests

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, Englewood, Chicago, photographed in 2012 many years before civil rights protests would turn to looting here. Image license CC By SA 4.0. Image created by Mr. Harman.

Video footage shows Chicago police officers lounged in a congressman’s office during the protests. This was reported by NBC 5 on June 11 at 2:30pm CDT. The video footage shows more than a dozen officers lounging in the private offices of Representative Bobby Rush. One of the officers was even making popcorn, citing Rep Rush. The news broke Thursday. The incident occurred earlier this month as civil rights protests erupted into looting incidents in Chicago, following nationwide and later international protests of the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. 

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Mayor Lori Lightfoot has since shared the comments she made at a recent news brief regarding the incident. Lightfoot’s comments were made on the Anderson Cooper program at CNN. Lori Lightfoot retweeted Anderson Cooper 360’s clip of her statement. 

“It’s one of the most disgraceful, disrespectful things I have ever seen. We are absolutely not going to tolerate it,”said Lightfoot as she was quoted by Anderson Cooper’s segment CNN. 

Chicago’s new Superintendent Chief David Brown has not used his Twitter to make any social statement regarding the incident at the time of this post’s creation. 

As for Representative Rush, he has been quite vocal about the outrage he feels with the Chicago police officers who acted in the manner stated above. Rep. Rush shared a report from Block Club Chicago that states shop owners from the South Side feel “betrayed” by police for lounging in Rep. Rush’s private campaign office while their businesses were looted. The officers were “within range” and should have acted to halt the protests. 

“THIS is why @chicagosmayor and I are outraged by the actions of these officers. I could care less about a couple bags of popcorn & a pot of coffee.

This is about an absolute dereliction of duty while members of my community were suffering. “ said Rep Rush, in a tweet that was posted at 9:08 am on June 12. 

Block Club Chicago went into further detail regarding the incident with Rep. Rush’s offices. The private office of Rep. Rush in Englewood, Chicago had been burglarized prior to police officer entry. Rep Rush later learned, citing NBC 5, that more than eight officers entered the premises. Block Club Chicago reported that the officers spent nearly five hours inside the premises. 

While officers napped, played with their phones, and made snacks, looking commenced at the Grand Boulevard Plaza Mall. The Grand Boulevard Plaza Mall is on 5401 Wentworth Avenue, the same stretch of road as Rep. Rush’s offices. This means that the officers seen in the video were in direct range of the looting incident and chose not to act. 

Rep. Rush also retweeted commentary on the incident from Ben Bradley TV. Ben Bradley shared an interview with FOP 7 Chicago’s President Cantazara, who also expressed his disgust that Lightfoot and the others would make it appear that his officers were falling down on their duty.. 

“This was at worst, misconduct… they made it sound like, when they called the press conference, they were going to have police on video stealing stuff…they were sitting their protecting it,” said Cantazara on Ben Bradley TV. 

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Representative Rush had a scathing rebuttal for this take on the incident. 

“They should have been outside, with their fellow officers, protecting the people of my district. This isn’t about stolen property—I can buy more popcorn. This is about abdication of duty.

The FOP is engaged in yet another cover-up in order to protect more so-called “bad apples,” said Rep. Rush in a tweet that was posted at 8:12pm on June 11. 

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