Kelly Clarkson files for divorce from husband Brandon Blackstock
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Kelly Clarkson files for divorce from husband Brandon Blackstock

By | Rachel Brooks

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Above, Kelly Clarkson performs in Birmingham, England, the United Kingdom in 2010. Image created by vagueonthehow, licensed under CC By 2.0 generic.

Kelly Clarkson files for divorce from her husband Brandon Blackstock. This was reported by Entertainment Tonight at 9:17 PM  PDT one June 11. Clarkson states that divorce was her “only option” after the coronavirus quarantine made the marital situation worse. 

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An unnamed source told Entertainment Tonight that the couple had been having problems for quite some time. Citing People Magazine, the pair was married for seven years. 

“Kelly and Brandon had been having problems for several months and were making a conscious effort to work things out. They both hoped quarantining away from L.A. in Montana would help them work things out in their marriage, but instead the change in environment was actually detrimental,” said the source as quoted by ET. 

Since the news broke, many celebrity tabloid outlets have posed the question. Where did the marriage of Clarkson and Blackstock go wrong? Gossip circled digital publications such as The Blast musing on fan theories about what may have happened. Some fans questioned whether or not Mr. Blackstock cheated on Clarkson, though there was no official confirmation that he was guilty of this. 

There were also tabloids that circulated comments from Mrs. Clarkson suggesting that the pair separated because they both worked too much. However, the quarantine catalyzing their divorce would infer something else.  

 There was an apparent dispute that the divorce may have been over either spouse wanting more children. However, that theory was laid to permanent rest by Sunny 101.7 Clanton . Sunny 101.7 Clanton posted a story in recent developments that the split had nothing to do with either spouse wanting more kids. Sunny 101.7 cites Clarkson’s appearance on the Ellen K. Morning show as their source for believing that wanting more kids was not the reason for their divorce. 

“No, no,no, Wait, no, I didn’t get my tubes tied_they’re gone.” Clarkson said on the Ellen K. Morning show. Clarkson was referring to fallopian tube removal, a procedure that effectively sterilizes a female patient. The divorce could have little to do with a dispute over more children, because Kelly Clarkson should not physically be able to conceive children after this surgery. Likewise, Mr. Blackstock had a vasectomy, a procedure that sterilizes a male patient, during Clarkson’s pregnancy. A vasectomy makes it physically unlikely that Blackstock could ever sire children again. Therefore, from his side, Mr. Blackstock also clearly did not want more children. The interview is available via KOST 1035fm Instagram. 

The couple does not appear to be ready to discuss what drove the wedge between them. It is also unclear what will become of their business relationship after their divorce. Mr. Blackstock has been the long time manager for Mrs. Clarkson. 

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In the meantime, famous friends and fans of Kelly Clakrson also took to social media to share their thoughts about the couple’s parting. Alex Goldschmidt, the Associate Director of Digital Media Management chimed in yesterday afternoon. 

“Anyone who hurts Kelly Clarkson hurts me,” said Goldschmidt in a tweet that was posted at 1:18pm on June 11. 

As for Mrs. Clarkson, she has not commented on her divorce proceedings via Twitter at the time of this posting. 

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