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Mayor Lori Lightfoot blasts Chicago alderman for leaking audio of contentious phone call

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, a photo of the riverfront in South Side taken in 2006 by John Delano of Hammond, Indiana, fair use license. Licensed for fair use by John Delano of Hammond, Indiana. Today, this part of the city has seen a heavy string of looting cases, which triggers fear in the Aldermen.

The aldermen who leaked a contentious phone call with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has since drawn her wrath. She blasted him for it. “Shame on him,” she said, as quoted by The Chicago Tribune. The alderman who leaked the audio has not been named on the record. The audio was extracted from a city council conference call that Lightfoot hosted with 50 aldermen. The call followed the outbreak of civil protests and ensuing civil riots in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. The conference call became heated and contentious when Southwest Side Alderman Raymond Lopez voiced his complaint about the response to city looting during said riots. Ald. Lopez believed the city response to be inadequate. 

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Lightfoot attempted to move on from Lopez’s question without answering it. Lopez demanded an answer then. That is when Lightfoot responded with a harsh remark. 

“I think you’re 100% full of s—, is what I think,” said Lightfoot. 

“Well, f— you then,” replied Lopez. As they were quoted by The Chicago Tribune in a report by Gregory Pratt on June 11. 

Lightfoot was interrogated in an unrelated news conference on Wednesday regarding the call. She accused an unnamed alderman of recording the entire hour and a half long phone call illegally and only sharing the excerpt which suited his agendas. 

“Unfortunately one of the aldermen, and I think we know who it is, illegally taped and then shared only that portion of the conversation that served his purposes. There are a lot of incredible emotions that were shared on that call by fellow aldermen. Now all of them don’t feel secure or safe coming together with their colleagues because of one individual who decided to illegally tape a conversation that was intended to be a private conversation among all of us,” said Lightfoot further, as she was quoted by The Chicago Tribune. 

The call recording made its way around the newscast after it was initially reported by The Chicago Sun-Times. It has since been shared on Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham’s segments with Fox News. It was likewise featured on the Tucker Carlson segment with Fox News, see above. WTTW PBS reported that city aldermen are under a great deal of duress, fearing that there will be little left of Chicago if city looting is not dealt with more proactively. Alderman Michelle Harris of the 8th Ward was recorded wondering how she would ever be able to convince Walmart or CVS to rebuild locations in the South Side after the rabble passed through. 

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PBS also reports that other aldermen criticized Lightfoot’s decision to call on Governor Pritzker to deploy the National Guard and block off the Loop. They worried for elderly residents who thus had limited access to essentials. Lightfoot dismissed these criticisms as “illogical and untrue” on Wednesday. 

The complete audio file of the Chicago aldermen meeting with Lori Lightfoot was obtained by PBS News. It can be listened to at WTTW PBS. The file contains profane language, and so audience discretion is advised at work. 

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