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Trump campaign plans to resume rallies in 2 weeks

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, Trump flags flying in Pirates Cove Marina, North Carolina, August 2019. Executive Office of the President of the United States, licensed under Public Domain.

The Trump 2020 presidential campaign plans to resume rallies in two weeks. This was reported by ABC News on June 8 at 6:38pm.  President Trump’s last campaign rally was held on March 2 in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

President Trump announced his resumed rallies in the form of a retweet from a post by Bryon York. 

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“BIG DEMAND! Starting up again soon, maybe next week!” said Mr. Trump, in a tweet that was posted on June 9 at 9:19am. Mr. Trump’s tweet was a caption for the post he retweeted from Bryon York. 

“Given recent gatherings, seems reasonable time for President Trump to resume holding rallies. Could be held outside. Give out masks at entrance, encourage use. But mass gatherings are now OK. Biden could re-start, too, of course,” said Mr. York, in a tweet that was posted on June 8 at 8:56am. 

Also on June 9, Mr. Trump retweeted his “Make America Great Again” slogan. 

The decision to resume rallies comes as COVID-19 lockdown restrictions appear to ease across the states. Yet, it also comes as political tensions surmount surrounding civil rights protests rapidly turned to riot crises across a span of U.S. cities. President Trump has drawn a great deal of heat for his response to these events. The world looks on to see how this controversy will impact his reelection campaign, and his newly scheduled rallies.

Meanwhile, CBS News reports that President Trump’s opposition Joe Biden is holding virtual fundraisers for his own election campaign. CBS reports that these fundraisers are private virtual events. 

Mr. Trump has defended his positions on recent race relations issues via his twitter handle. He expressed disgust that Minneapolis delayed calling in the National Guard for several days as footage surfaced that showed the aftermath of Minneapolis race riots looking quite like a war zone. 

Mr. Trump shared footage from Mark Higgie. 

“Should have let police do their job and brought in National Guard on Day One, not Day Four!” said Mr. Trump in a tweet that was posted at 9:04am on June 9. 

In what may have also been a move to placate racial relations, Mr. Trump has appointed U.S. Air Force General Charles Brown as America’s “first-ever African American military service chief.” 

“My decision to appoint @usairforce General Charles Brown as the USA’s first-ever African American military service chief has now been approved by the Senate. A historic day for America! Excited to work even more closely with Gen. Brown, who is a Patriot and Great Leader!” said Mr. Trump in a tweet that was posted at 12:42pm on June 9. 

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Mr. Trump’s tweet regarding General Brown drew criticism due to the fact that it was posted during George Floyd’s televised funeral. It was also mocked by some private Twitter users as a means of “damage control” for his controversial responses to the surge of race relations protests and ensuing riots. 

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