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Lightfoot promises reforms, Pritzker to join march

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, Lori Lightfoot at MacLean Center 2018 CC By 3.0

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot promises police reforms. Meanwhile, Illinois Governor Pritzker is to join the march of civil rights protesters in Illinois. 

Governor Pritzker posted a statement regarding his intentions to march with the protests as of the last few hours. 

Alderman, activists call for Chicago to cut CPD funding

“I’m marching with activists, advocates and elected leaders in the Southland and calling for justice. 

Justice for George Floyd, Ahmad Arbery, Breonna Taylor and the countless others who died when there was no camera there. 

We’re here because their deaths cannot be in vain,” said Pritzker in a tweet that was posted at 8:50pm on June 8. 

Governor Pritzker’s announcement via his Twitter that he would join the civil rights protests captioned a post by the Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton which followed the same train of thought. 

“ We’re living history! Like the Civil Rights Era — “Ain’t nothing gonna turn us around.”

@GovPritzker, the @IllinoisLBC, faith leaders, and I will continue to march for justice and accountability. #BlackLivesMatter,” said Stratton in a tweet that was posted at 8:48pm on June 8. Stratton’s tweet was the caption to a video she also shared. Her video showed herself along with Governor Pritzker and others marching with a banner that read “March for Justice and Love of Our Neighborhood #George Floyd.” The crowd was chanting “George Floyd” as part of their slogan. 

It was not clear, based on the images and videos from these events, what the policies regarding social distancing for COVID-19 were at these events. Those who participated in the protests were seen wearing masks. 

As Chicago rallied in protest of the death of George Floyd, some believe that the sentiments regarding police officers as a whole have become too exclusive. There are those who hold the opinion that police are being pushed entirely out of the dialogue of policing reformation. Chicago’s Superintendent David O. Brown has made a point of pointing out positive encounters between Chicago police and Chicago’s citizens via his Twitter. One of these encounters includes a photo of a Chicago police officer embracing an African-American woman at one of the peaceful George Floyd protests that occurred in Uptown over the past week. The photo was retweeted from renowned photographer Moe Zoyari. Mr. Zoyari has been photographing the peaceful civil rights protests, with his last shoot of the scene posting as of June 5. 

Chicago mayor says police union is ‘extraordinarily reluctant to embrace reform

Private twitter users shared footage from a recent television appearance of political commentator Sheriff David Clarke in the twitter feet of the Lieutenant Governor.  Sheriff David Clarke spoke out regarding the “anti-cop” sentiments circulated by some of the protest participating groups. Sheriff Clarke denounces the Black Lives Matter group’s approach to police brutality protests and believes the group to be a “hateful ideology.” Sheriff Clarke appeared on a recent CNN segment speaking with Don Lemon. He was speaking following the deaths of police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Sheriff Clarke questioned why there was no protest regarding the deaths of the police officers in Baton Rouge. There were at least three killed and three wounded in the incident. Sheriff Clarke also noted that there were no riots or protests regarding the deaths of officers in Dallas, Texas.  Sheriff Clarke is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was a previous guest of Fox News, but has since been a critic of the network, as reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. 

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