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John Oliver attack Fox News anchor in police defunding segment

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, John Oliver as he was photographed in 2016, licensed under CC By 2.0 Generic, Neil Grabowsky, Montclair Film Festival.  

John Oliver attacks the Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson in a recent police defunding discussion segment. This was initially reported by The Independent. Mr. Oliver had harsh criticism for Tucker Carlson in his most recent segment. He was quoted as saying, “F*** you forever,” directed at Mr. Carlson. 

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John Oliver is a late night television show host. He broached the subject of police defunding campaigns on Sunday during an episode of his HBO show “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.” John Oliver directly addressed the ongoing protests against racism and police brutality on his show. He discussed the open calls for police reform which call for efforts to defund the police across a span of United States cities. 

John Oliver criticized Tucker Carlson calling him a “professional alarmist.” This was due to talking points which addressed the at least $115bn dollars spent by American police as of 2017. Data regarding police spending circa 2017 was provided by the Urban Institute. John Oliver criticized Tucker Carlson’s views on defunding police as being a means to detract from the police.

“This is a difficult moment, and I really hope you’re taking time for yourself, whether it’s through meditation, or yoga, or – just kidding, f*** you forever, Tucker Carlson, you sentient polo mallet,” said Mr. Oliver, after a clip of Tucker Carlson’s segment on Fox News had finished playing. Oliver’s on air commentary was initially quoted by The Independent UK. 

Mr. Oliver argued that defunding the police does not mean that the U.S. would eliminate the police, but rather that they could reallocate funds to “community safety nets.” The Independent made note that in the city where Mr. Oliver is currently located, New York City, Mayor De Blasio has alluded to police defunding. New York City will defund police and reallocate funds to “youth initiatives and social services.” This is further citing reports from The Independent.

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Those who support the idea of defunding police argue that the effort would not be to eliminate police or strip them of needed funds, but rather to directly target systemic failures of the U.S. policing system. This is further citing the report by The Independent.  The theory is that these funds will in turn be spent on more community centric government spending programs, such as being delivered into housing and education. Yet there are those on both bipartisan party lines who opposed the idea of defunding police. One of the most prominent opposition voices is Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Mr. Biden’s opposition to defunding police campaigns was reported by NPR News on June 8. Spokesman for the Biden campaign Andrew Bates told NPR News that the Biden campaign has precisely the opposite ideology regarding police. The Biden campaign intends to invest $300 million in community policing initiatives. The Biden campaign efforts would also include a move to diversify U.S. police departments and increase the usage of body cameras. 

President Trump likewise opposes the defunding police campaigns, and has expressed criticism of these campaigns via his official Twitter handle. 

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