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Bubba Wallace Faints During Live NASCAR Interview

By Austin Payne Staff Writer for Telegraph Local |Owner of  Macro Sports

NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace fainted during an interview after the race in Atlanta yesterday, which seems appropriate for how wild the last few months have been. 

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Bubba had been sitting down on pit road after his first spell he had after completing the nearly 3 and a half hour race on Sunday. He was being interviewed by a reporter about NASCAR’s acknowledging of the countries social unrest when he proceeded to pass out while talking.

It’s not unforeseen that someone may succumb to conditions when it’s 85 degrees plus with Georgia humidity and having been in a race car for a few hours, but nevertheless, it doesn’t reduce the fact that we were all concerned for a period of time.

Wallace was put on a stretcher and taken care of promptly, seemingly recovering eventually and being deemed okay, although he’ll of course be monitored closely by team members after this. 

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Bubba was just one of many headlines as yesterday was a unique day for NASCAR. It’s  one of the few sports to have returned after the recent break due to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the fact that they were specifically acknowledging the nations social unrest and racial inequality issues that are ongoing, which they did with a moment of silence.

Austin Payne
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