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Biden lead rises to 14 points Trump in new CNN poll

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Biden lead rises to 14 points over Trump in a new CNN poll. Politico also reported that Trump’s job approval rating has been diminishing during the civil rights crisis and corresponding protests that have escalated into riots in key cities. Race relations appears to be the driving force behind the jump in Joe Biden’s approval and Trump’s decline. 

Politico states that the CNN poll estimated a mere 38% of people approve of Trump’s handling of his job as president. This was an estimated seven percentage point drop from Trump’s approval in the previous month. The CNN poll indicated that 57% now disapprove of Trump’s presidential management. 

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In the meantime, that remaining 38% that supports Trump’s presidency, according to CNN, have drawn heavy criticism from the opposition. Twitter was trending on the afternoon of Monday, June 8 with heated exchange regarding all of the policies and practices of Donald Trump that the 38% are inferred to support by approving of Trump. 

President Trump told a different story of his approval rating, however. On June 8, he sang the praises of his supporters in the Republican party for his current approval ranking among them. 

“96% Approval Rating in the Republican Party. Thank you!,” said Mr. Trump in a tweet that was posted at 8:02am on June 8. 

Mr. Trump also had his own comments regarding CNN’s approval polling. 

“CNN Polls are as Fake as their Reporting. Same numbers, and worse, against Crooked Hillary. The Dems would destroy America!” said Mr. Trump in a tweet that was posted at 7:48 am on June 8, roughly 15 minutes before he commented regarding his approval ranking in the Republican party. Mr. Trump did not give the methodology by which his Republican approval rate was determined. From last year, CNN appears to use a 16 question review for its polling, but it is unclear if the same methodology is still used. 

Mr. Trump’s approval seems to have taken the most critical hit for his controversial approach to handling the civil rights riots. General James Mattis used The Atlantic’s submissions section to post an open-letter of rebuttal to the president when he threatened to enact the Insurrection Act and summon the U.S. Armed Services to the scene of riots if the local governments did not control them. The general considered this a gross abuse of power and made it known in no uncertain terms that he felt the President was a divisive leader for America.

Trump continued to test the patience of his own party associations when he criticized Mattis and later Colin Powell for their open denouncement of him. Colin Powell was a National Security Advisor and Secretary of State for the George W. Bush administration. Powell’s recent refusal to endorse President Trump for a second term led to harsh criticism from the president. 

“Somebody please tell highly overrated Colin Powell that I will have gotten almost 300 Federal Judges approved (a record), Two Great Supreme Court Justices, rebuilt our once depleted Military, Choice for Vets, Biggest Ever Tax & Regulation Cuts, Saved Healthcare & 2A, & much more!” said Trump in a tweet that was posted at 10:10am on June 7.

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In addition to Generals Mattis and Powell, Mitt Romney and George W. Bush have also been stated to have denounced Mr. Trump. Bush and Romney did not vote for Trump in 2016, as reported by The Daily Mail. Likewise, President Emeritus George Bush released a statement lamenting the treatment of African Americans on June 2. The president emeritus also denounced looting and rioting as criminal behavior, and pleaded with Americans to pursue more peaceful forms of protest. The statement is available via the George Bush Presidential Center. 

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