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Chicago Protests: Demonstrations Continue, Lawmakers Want Special Session

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, scene from recent protests in Chicago, from WGN-TV broadcast. Pictured middle, Kanye West.

Protests for civil rights and the demand to end police brutality continued in Chicago as of Thursday, June 4. As the protests persisted, lawmakers called for a special session of city government. This was initially stated by the Chicago Press Release Services. 

Protests drew a glittering crowd. Among them were celebrities such as Kanye West, who joined the protests in a South Side March. This is citing a report by NBC News. 

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot addressed one June 3 on steps being made to reform police brutality. 

“POLICE REFORM: Chicago’s road to reform started more than 4 years ago when Mayor Lightfoot was the president of the Police Accountability Task Force. Today, we renew and recommit to accountability and the push for more reform,” said a tweet from the official Twitter of Mayor Lori Lightfoot. 

It was posted at 12:58pm on June 4. It captioned an announcement regarding Mayor Lightfoot’s live streamed press event that followed shortly thereafter. 

Also on June 3, Mayor Lightfoot announced that the City of Chicago would be working closely with the new police Superintendent Brown as well as with the Chicago Police Department toward reform.

“We are going to be working with Superintendent Brown and CPD leadership to implement a number reform measures within the next 90 days. This is just a start,” said Lightfoot, in a tweet that was posted at 6:32pm on June 3. 

Mayor Lightfoot was quite active on June 3 joining with city Alderman Scott and city Alderman Rodriguez, as well as with Congressman Davis to address the city’s heated protests. 

“Joined Ald. Scott, Ald. Rodriguez, and Congressman Davis in Little Village where community members showed us damage from the last few days. City crews have been cleaning up the area and I’m thankful to the volunteers helping them in that effort,” said Lightfoot in another tweet that was posted at 12:26 pm on June 3. This tweet captioned an image of Lighfoot walking the surrounding area with a guide pointing out to her the wreckage of Chicago’s protests at their most violent moments. 

In addition to proposing police reform, the City of Chicago has announced a motion to extend the curfew. The City of Chicago has provided means to contact authorities for non-fatal urgent reports. 

“Chicagoans, a curfew remains in effect between 9PM and 6AM until further notice. If you need to access non-emergency city services, you can make the requests online at as an alternative to dialing 311. Please call 911 if emergency services are required,” said the City of Chicago in a recent tweet. The initial tweet was retweeted by Mayor Lori Lightfoot on June 1 at 8:42pm.

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All of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s recent tweets and reform promises were met with a certain amount of controversy. Private twitter account users accused Lightfoot of being a failure to Chicago and complained that essential business services were failing them. 

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