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Bills Rookie QB Jake Fromm Apologizes For ‘Elite White People’ Text

By Austin Payne Staff Writer for Telegraph Local |Owner of  Macro Sports

Buffalo Bills 5th round pick and rookie QB Jake Fromm has apologized for using the phrase “elite white people” in a text message screenshot.

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The screenshots came out Thursday from what’s believed to be an ex of Jake’s and in a conversation regarding gun ownership and suppressors. During the exchange, Jake mentioned that they should “just make them very expensive so that only elite white people can get them.” 

This wasn’t when Fromm was in middle school tweeting racial slurs without having developed a social conscious or awareness yet, this was in 2019. You’re 20/21. You’re my age. You’ve had several years of active thinking under your belt, and enough time to question and solidify your beliefs.

His apology left quite a bit to be desired, as do almost any that come out only in the wake of their misstep having been revealed.

Terry Godwin is a former teammate and wideout who played with Jake at UGA.

Jake is a 5th round pick and the Bill already spent a first rounder on the QB of their future Josh Allen, or so they think, so would it really hurt them that much to take a stand and cut him? 

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Or, were the comments taken out of context? Was this somehow a convoluted inside joke? Was he being extremely satirical or mocking racists? We don’t know and all of these are, i guess possible, although seemingly unlikely. 

Austin Payne
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