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Republican congressman Steve King ousted in Iowa primary

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local

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Above, Rep. Steve King appears on a recent Reuters broadcast.

Steve King was driven out of office by Iowa Republicans. The Iowa primary took place on a day of grave civil unrest. Steve King was ousted by voters on the grounds that he has had a history of allegedly racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric. This was reported by Politico on June 3 at 5:20 am. 

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King’s defeat was considered the top headline of the Iowa primary. Prior to his defeat, King was an Iowan congressman for nine straight years. 

Politico reports that the Republicans of Iowa have struggled for years to find a way to oust King. Cash flow was deprived. 

In this most recent victory over King, the GOP establishment offered direct assistance to his opposition, citing Politico. 

The New York Times also corroborated the Politico account of Mr. King and stated that Mr. King has a history of racism. Other news outlets such as Vanity Fair reported the story of Mr. King’s oust from office, as it serves as a strong backdrop for the current civil rights protests. Vanity Fair reported that Mr. King must be replaced with another member of his party to run against the Democratic opposition. 

Vanity Fair also gives the backdrop of the ousting of Mr. King. He apparently wore out his welcome with his party when he detailed a racist worldview to The New York Times. During his interview with The New York Times, Mr. King made comments regarding the cultural acceptance of white nationalism. 

“White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization—how did that language become offensive?” said Mr. King during the interview with The New York Times on January 10, 2019, as quoted by Vanity Fair. 

Mr. King was defeated by Republican opposition Randy Feenstra on Tuesday. Mr. Feenstra will now have the opportunity to run against the Democratic opposition of J.D. Scholten. 

Mr. Feenstra made comments regarding his Republican nomination.

“There are many folks to thank but a special thanks to my incredible team including Campaign Manager @Matthew_Leopold, Political Director @Schwick_Em, Grassroots Director @J__Persch, @briandumas and the @veconsulting team, @RandyGOP and @BenYoho. To each, thank you! #ia04,” said Mr. Feenstra, in a tweet that was posted at 7:50 am on June 3. 

Mr. Feenstra also made some comments regarding his democratic opposition. 

“Our Democrat opponent, JD Scholten, will be a reliable vote for Nancy Pelosi and her liberal allies. We can’t let them take this seat and enact their extreme agenda.  Can you chip in $25, $50, $100 to help us catch up to Scholten’s $600k war chest?  #IA04,” said Mr. Feenstra in a tweet that was posted at 6:59 am on June 3. 

Regarding his own campaign. Mr. Scholten appears confident in the power of people to elect him. 

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“Our campaign is people-powered. We’re not propping up the corporate system that strips wealth, power, and opportunities away from everyday folks in #IA04. Instead, we rely on volunteers and small donations from people like you.

Join our team today!,’ said Scholten, in a tweet that was posted on June 3. 

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