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Looting spreads through Chicago, suburbs after downtown access blocked

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, WGN-TV broadcast show police officers at the scene of Chicago Sunday riots.

Looting continues to spread through Chicago’s suburbs after authorities blocked downtown access. This was reported by The Chicago Tribune within the last 24 hours. Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot petitioned Governor Pritzker to call on the National Guard. The National Guard deployed to prevent a second night of terror amid what began as protests of the murder of George Floyd. 

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Citing the Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown, Lake Shore Drive was among those areas locked down under the Sunday looting spree. Police warned against venturing into the downtown area. 

“Lake Shore Drive has been shut down. Avoid coming to the downtown area. CPD officers continue to work to secure the downtown streets. #CPDMediaCar,” said Chicago police via a tweet that was posted at 5:30pm on May 30. 

The Chicago Tribune states that store owners have reported looting and “plunder” in parts of the South Side and the West Side. This continued through Sunday afternoon. Looting also escalated in Calumet City and North Riverside. One person was shot in North Riverside. The Chicago Police Department struggled to keep up the pace. The Chicago Tribune stated that no accurate account of arrest numbers was available as of Sunday evening. 

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the looting became so persistent some business owners opted to guard their stores all night. This sentiment seemed to echo that of the city officials in its own way. Mayor Lightfoot vowed preparedness in her two Sunday press briefings. 

“We are going to be prepared — we are prepared — and officers will respond accordingly in the event there is any effort to loot anywhere in the city,”said Lightfoot, as she was quoted by the Chicago Sun-Times. 

Within the past few hours, Lightfoot joined with Metro Fire, EMS, and the Chicago Police Department to discuss “ongoing efforts” to “protect Chicago.” 

Lightfoot stated that she believes the rioters will contract the coronavirus due to their violation of the Chicago and Illinois reopening phasing plans. Lightfoot also stated that the CTA did reopen, but yesterday trains, buses, and various other transportation was hijacked by rioters for the purpose of criminal organization. The CTA, therefore, was closed for some duration of Sunday night. 

Out of caution, the City of Chicago has also released warnings regarding the disruption of normal scheduled programs. These programs were delayed in the fallout of Sunday night’s mayhem.

“Out of an abundance of caution, CPS food distribution sites are closed today for safety reasons. All scheduled deliveries will be made. Any family in need of emergency food should contact CPS at 773-553-5437 or CPS hopes to resume on-site distro soon,” said City of Chicago in a tweet that posted at 8:21am on June 1. This tweet captioned a notice from Chicago Public Schools. 

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While meal sites are temporarily closed today, all previously scheduled meal deliveries will be completed. To sign up for delivery going forward, please call 773-553-KIDS.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will provide an update on meal distribution as soon as possible,” said Chicago Public Schools in a tweet that posted at 6:58 am on June 1. 

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