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Deion Sanders Pushes For An Antonio Brown Comeback

By Austin Payne Staff Writer for Telegraph Local |Owner of  Macro Sports

Deion Sanders is pushing to help get Former Steelers (and Raiders, and…Patriots for a game?) wide receiver Antonio Brown back into the league.

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“My son came to town to WORK!” Sanders said on social media. “On his game, on his life, on his thoughts, on his tomorrow and on Antonio Brown. . . . I can’t wait to witness this comeback story called A, B & See. I know what I know and I pray you all get to see what I know to be true about Antonio Brown.”

Antonio Brown has taken the long road home when it comes to arriving at the Hall of Fame one day, and even though he may still end up there, he’s managed to potentially artfully ruin the latter half of his career on the way.

Getting back into the league won’t only be an issue of whether or not the league office allows him to be cleared to play, but also if a team would want him for a reasonable price, and the fact that it’s entirely unknown whether or not he can remain incident free for more than say, i don’t know, a few games?

The NFL is missing out on a generational talent, physically, fundamentally, and statistically, at the wide receiver position all because of some very sudden off the field issues that didn’t seem to present themselves prior to about 2018. 

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The likelihood is that AB won’t be back in the league anytime early in the offseason, but the odds of him sparking up talks of a return by August? Likely. He’s essentially become the Prada brand Josh Gordon at this point. Every time you think he’s out or even publicly says he’s done with the league…he comes back. 

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