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8 US states hold primaries June 2

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, Joe Biden holds in-person campaign event with Delaware church and community leaders.

Eight U.S. states will proceed with their primary elections on June 2. This was reported by The Center Square within the last week. Four states had pushed their primaries that were initially scheduled for April and May. The states that will hold primaries in June include Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and South Dakota. 

Trump attacks Twitter employee while defending fact-checked tweets on mail-in ballots

Maryland and Pennsylvania initially had primaries scheduled for April 28. Indiana had a primary initially scheduled for May 5. Idaho’s primary was initially scheduled for May 19. 

Three of the states on this list of late primary holders will have their primaries by mail-in vote. 

Mail in vote has been condemned by the U.S. President Donald Trump for its alleged ease of voter fraud instances. He has made comments to this effect over the course of the past few weeks via his Twitter. 

Mr. Trump has also been quite vocal ahead of the primary. Within the last six hours, Trump posted a tweet sharing statistics that show him leading in all the swing states. Trump noted that this was according to a deemed-biased Democratic poll. 

“Trump” is leading in all swing states. Heavily biased Democrat Poll, just like 2016. Biggest “enthusiasm” lead ever!” said Mr. Trump in a tweet that posted 8:28am on June 1. 

Mr. Trump made this comment as he retweeted another post by Byron York, the chief political columnist for Washington Examiner. Mr. York posted the poll facts via Daily Memo.  Mr. York noted that the poll has been taken by the Washington Post, a news outlet known for its critic of the current president. 

“Biden support soft? In new WP poll, Biden has big lead–10 points–over Trump with registered voters nationally. But also signs of softness in Biden support. 87% of Trump supporters say they’ll definitely vote Trump. For Biden, number is 74%,” said Mr. York, via a tweet that was posted at 7:43am via June 1. 

Some have even accused Biden of also trying to amplify his support by the use of tactics such as bailing out George Floyd rioters. This was reported by Fox Business. Mr. Biden and his staffers reportedly paid into a group that posts bail for the Minneapolis riot groups. At least 13 of Joe Biden’s staffers were known to have donated to the bail group. It is not known whether the donations were coordinated within the campaign. Fox Business reached out to the staffers for comment, but they declined to answer inquiries. 

Reuters likewise reported that Mr. Biden met with African American leadership in Delaware on Monday to garner their support. He stated that he intends to create a police oversight board within his first 100 days in office. The New York Times reported that Biden was meeting with church leaders in Delaware. NPR called the Delaware event the first in-person campaign event in months. 

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Despite rallying to the African-Americans, who appear to be Biden’s strongest supporters due to his previous relationship to President emeritus Barack Obama, many denounce Biden’s current tactics. Private Twitter accounts made note of the fact that Biden made statements such as “shoot for the leg and not the heart.” The public denounced this as a cop-out rather than taking responsibility for the police brutality crisis. 

It is not yet perfectly clear what impact the George Floyd protests might have on the June 2 primary.

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