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Eric DeCosta Named Sporting News’ NFL Executive Of The Year

By Austin Payne Staff Writer for Telegraph Local |Owner of  Macro Sports

The Baltimore Ravens’ Eric DeCosta has been voted as the Sporting News’ NFL executive of the year in a poll conducted amongst his peers in December.

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The Ravens just keep adding quality pieces it seems, and it’s not limited to on the field. Baltimore has been regarded as having one of the more affluent or well-versed front offices in the league for several seasons, but with the addition of a young GM like DeCosta added to the mix of JH and others, they just keep getting deeper. 

The results of the voting came even before this great offseason that the Ravens have had. Despite disappointment in the playoffs by way of losing to the Titans in the first round after a dream season, they continued to make a lot of conscious, beneficial moves during free agency and the draft. 

“I’m honored to win the Sporting News Executive of the Year award even though it’s hard to accept such a distinction while so many people in our great country are suffering. My thoughts are with all the care givers who devote the very best of themselves,” DeCosta said.

“That said, I am indebted to Steve Bisciotti for giving me a chance to be GM, John Harbaugh and our fine players, our scouts who set a high standard around the NFL, and most of all, Ozzie Newsome, the greatest executive in my lifetime and a wonderful mentor and friend. Our collective eyes are on a bigger prize and this award, while greatly appreciated, is a reminder that our task is unfinished.”

Ozzie did leave Eric with a great introductory gift in the form of Lamar Jackson, a risky draft pick that came with much public skepticism, only to pay off in a big way this season in his first year as the full time starter.

DeCosta then built off of what he was dealt by making a plethora of shrewd roster moves from then on. 

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Some of these moves include: Signing Mark Ingram, Earl Thomas, Justin Tucker, Drafting Hollywood Brown, J.K Dobbins, Jaylon Ferguson, Miles Boykin, Trading for Marcus Peters, Signing competent starting linebackers, and a litany of likely overlooked other moves.

Austin Payne
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