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CNN crew released from police custody after they were arrested live on air in Minneapolis

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, CNN reporter is arrested by state police at the scene of Minneapolis riots.

A CNN News crew was arrested at the scene of Minneapolis while live on air. They have since been released from police custody. Police arrested CNN reporter Omar Jimenez while he was on air in Minneapolis. He came back on air after he was released from police custody at 6:37 am. He seemed a bit shaken, but otherwise alright. 

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Mr. Jimenez explains that viewers saw a lot of his ordeal play out on TV.

“There seemed to be some confusion over what was supposed to or what was allowed to happen. As we were reporting, we had been in verbal contact at least with some of the police officers saying ‘Alright, where can we be?’ We heard, we played some of it as they were giving out commands for people to clear the area_and we saw that as protesters completely cleared out. And that, of course,came after, there was an hour and half at least where we were standing where there was no sort of police presence. ” said Jimenez explaining the arrest. 

Jimenez continues to explain that as they lingered in this place without police presence, they noticed people coming down the block. They chose to move up to the corner to be out of the way of oncoming people. That’s when they saw a protester run past them who was later cornered by the police. After this individual was apprehended, the police turned toward the CNN crew. Jimenez said that police got behind them, and essentially surrounded them. State patrolmen and what appeared to be Minneapolis police officers surrounded them. 

The scene of Mr. Jimenez and the news crew’s arrest was caught live at 5:09am CT on May 29. Refer to the video below.  

As the situation of law enforcement versus the citizens escalates beyond control, the National Guard deploys. CNN stated that over 500 National Guard troops were sent to the scene of the riots. CNN quoted the National Guard as stating their mission was to bring stability and not to create further chaos. 

“”Our mission is to protect life, preserve property and the right to peacefully demonstrate,” said the National Guard, as quoted by CNN via a tweet that was posted at 2: 49 am on May 29. 

In the wake of National Guard troops descending upon Minneapolis, the Minnesota governor has declared a state of emergency. This was reported by NBC News at 4:25pm on May 28, see Twitter. 

NBC also reported that St. Paul Minnesota officers were being continuously assaulted in the Midway area near the Target. See Twitter. 

Max Nesterak, a reporter for Minnesota Reformer, reported that the demonstrations have swelled in size. Thousands have responded now. Mr. Nesterak also interviewed Alisha Bruce and her siblings at the scene of one of the burning structures, as they watched. They did not themselves condone the burning of the buildings, but Ms. Bruce noted that one should have expected this to come eventually as the police would not stop killing minorities.

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“Because they keep killing us,”said Bruce as quoted by Max Nesterak of Minnesota Reformer. Ms. Bruce’s siblings also echoed emphatically, “No, no,” when asked if the protests could have been avoided. 

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