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Chicago releases plan for reopening restaurants, leaving NYC in the dust

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, protests of Lightfoot’s reopening plan on a WGN-TV broadcast.

Chicago has released its reopening plan. Chicago will reopen slightly on June 3. This reopening phase will include offices, restaurants, salons, and so on. Openings will be partial and will include social distancing restrictions. This was initially reported by WGN-TV news. 

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot releases guidelines for phase 3 of city’s reopening plan

The announcement on the Chicago reopening stage was made by the Mayor Lori Lightfoot. This reopening phase is set at a different pace than the rest of Illinois and appears to leave other major cities like New York in the dust.  The comparison between Chicago and New York was made by The New York Post on May 27.

“On Wednesday, June 3 the City of Chicago will be taking our first step into Phase 3 of our reopening process by allowing many of our businesses and city areas to partially reopen to the public,” said Lightfoot, as quoted by WGN-TV. 

“Our hope is that during Phase 3 we will be able to begin reopening other parts of our city including summer programs, youth activities, religious services, gyms, and yes – our lakefront and beaches. But we’ll have to wait and see how these initial first steps go,” also said Lightfoot, as further quoted by WGN-TV. 

“COVID-19 is still very much part of our present. The best we can do – and really the best that you can do – is continue following the public health guidance around social distancing, hand sanitizing, and please – wearing a mask in public,” also said Lightfoot as she was further quoted by WGN-TV. 

NPR News reported within the last five hours that Illinois is reopening at a more progressed pacing than Chicago. Chicago will open at a slower, more restrictive rate reportedly due to the higher number of coronavirus cases. Illinois will reopen retail shops, restaurants, salons, and other businesses by Friday. 

NPR reported that the Illinois Governor Pritzker has stated backward-pacing in the stages is a possibility. NPR also states that Pritzker contends he will make keeping Illinois safe while resuming some normalcy his priority. 

“Our goal is and always has been to keep people safe from this coronavirus while we restore more of our normal activities. It’s possible that if we have a surge, a spike, and we need to quell that spike, we might potentially have to move backward in the phases,”said Pritzker, as quoted by NPR. Pritzker was speaking at his daily press briefing on Thursday when he made these statements. 

Chicago Tribune reports that, while the state is opening for the most part, masks will still be required in public. Chicago Tribune likewise corroborated reports that Chicago will not begin the same reopening phase until Wednesday, June 3. Libraries and parks will not begin their reopening phase process until June 8. 

Illinois DMVs to begin reopening June 1

As Chicago reels from coronavirus, it simply breathes a sigh of relief that, as of early Friday morning at least, it was not experiencing the heated protests over George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis police. Chicago Sun-Times reported that Mayor Lightfoot had likened Floyd’s death to the shooting death of Laquan McDonald in Chicago. Mayor Lighfoot has been in talks with the Chicago Superintendent to “prepare for the crisis” before it emerges. It is unclear just how severe a looting scenario in Chicago would be following the crippling coronavirus lockdown that only just now begins to step into the light of restoration. 

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