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MLBPA Expected To Counter League’s Economic Proposal

By Austin Payne Staff Writer for Telegraph Local |Owner of  Macro Sports

The MLBPA (Major League Baseball Players Association) is expected to counter the leagues official economic proposal plan which was unveiled earlier this week.

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The plan suggests cutting salaries for players across the board, which the association was obviously not happy about given their obligations to serve the players best interests.

Salaries would be effectively cut in half, at least relative to what the salary for a modified 82 game season would be, whereas in comparison to the full slate of games, it would be even slimmer.

There are of course two sides to this coin, those who will say “what does it matter when they’re already being paid so much?” and those who understand the revenue allocation and ask “well what else would you suggest they do with the money?”

The problem is that those who typically grandstand for players being paid less and their money being redistributed are typically the ones who will vehemently detest anything “socialistic” in nature, but yet recognize that players are being paid 100x more than they and become upset. 

There are other solutions, of course. Charge less for tickets, merchandise, and other goods, so essentially make less money. Then again, ballparks are expensive…and even though owners may seem to bring a lot in, there are franchises who aren’t profitable as well. 

Baseball and other big name sports leagues bring in a lot of cash because of their relevancy, name, and history. It’s entrenched into American culture, and this money is a result of capitalism, they’re not wrong for wanting their share of the revenue.

Whichever side you stand on, neither is conducive to compromise and the movement toward baseball being played.

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Thus, the players association is expected to reject this proposal and we will again be at a standstill as far as progressing toward the regular season starting.

Austin Payne
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