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Active duty soldier saves lives after stopping active shooter on Centennial Bridge in Leavenworth

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, Austin Menzel’s Facebook/NBC captures the scene from the bridge.

An active duty soldier saves lives after stopping an active shooter incident on Centennial Bridge in Leavenworth, Kansas. This was reported by KMB-TV, ABC network, within the last hour. The soldier saved “countless lives” by acting in quick response to the active shooting incident. Investigators were, as of the afternoon of May 28, uncertain as to why the male suspect opened fire. 

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Leavenworth Police Chief Patrick Kitchens said that they initially received a multiple shots fired call around 11am. The shooting occurred at the Centennial Bridge. The police responded to the scene initially. They discovered that the suspect was shooting at vehicles at random. He fired upon passing vehicles with a handgun. The specific munitions of this firearm was not stated by ABC. 

“This was an active shooter with multiple weapons on the bridge, firing at cars with no particular association. There was an active-duty soldier assigned to Fort Leavenworth waiting in traffic behind the event who saw the event unfold and determined it was an active shooter. The soldier intervened by striking the shooter with his vehicle, causing him to be critically injured, ending the encounter with the active shooter and likely saving countless lives,” said Chief Kitchens, as quoted by ABC News. 

Chief Kitchens states that the suspected shooter is a native of the Platte, Missouri local area. The Centennial Bridge stretches across the Missouri River from north Leavenworth, Kansas into Platte County, Missouri. This is citing the Leavenworth Times. 

Leavenworth Times reported that the suspect, a 37-year-old man, exited his vehicle on the bridge and proceeded to open fire. He struck at least two cars with bullets. A 30-year-old male soldier assigned to Fort Leavenworth was wounded in the crossfire. 

When officers arrived on the scene, the 37-year-old suspect was trapped beneath a vehicle. 

The scene deescalated when another Fort Leavenworth soldier, a man aged 34, struck the suspect with a vehicle.  His action likely saved countless others on the bridge. 

Citing the Leavenworth Times, both wounded bystander and the suspect were transported to an area hospital in critical condition. 

Kitchens later said that the police force is evaluating the previous relationship the suspect had with the community. 

“We are evaluating the person’s history within the community,” said Kitchens, as he was quoted by the Leavenworth Times. Kitchens likewise said that the Leavenworth Police Department may be in a position to present evidence to prosecutors Thursday. 

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Army Times, sharing from the Associated Press wire service, stated that the incident took place on Wednesday May 27. Army Times did not name the “random victim” soldier who was shot on the bridge. The Army Times also did not name the soldier who intervened on the record. The Army Times reported that both the victim and the suspect were in serious but stable condition. The name of the hospital was not given on the record. 

The New York Times reported that the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI will assist the local officials in the investigation. 

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