Memorial Day weekend already deadliest in years with 36 shot, 9 killed in Chicago
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Memorial Day weekend already deadliest in years with 36 shot, 9 killed in Chicago

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, WGN-TV broadcast captures the scene.

Memorial Day weekend saw some of the deadliest numbers of shootings this year. At least 36 were shot and 10 were killed. Earlier reports from ABC 7 stated that 31 were injured while 10 were killed. This, citing ABC 7, was the deadliest Memorial Day weekend for Chicago since the post-2015 era. ABC7 shared this post from the Chicago Sun-Times Media Wire service. The previous most violent weekend was Memorial Day weekend of 2016. 

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Chicago Tribune reported that by Monday morning only 9 people had been shot and killed. There was one more fatal shooting over the elapse in time from Monday morning to later that day, citing the ABC7/Sun-Times Media Wire service account. This number is remarkably high when one considers the coronavirus lockdowns impediment on movement in Chicago. 

Three teenagers were counted in the number of shootings, citing Chicago Tribune. Darnell Fisher was a mere 16-years-old when he was fatally shot while walking in the Washington Park neighborhood just after 10pm Saturday. There has been one person placed in custody in connection with Fisher’s shooting. The gun used in the killing has also been recovered, as was stated by the police. This is citing Chicago Tribune. 

A 15-year-old female was shot in the leg while standing on a front porch at approximately 5am Monday in West Pullman neighborhood Chicago. She was transported to Roseland Community Hospital. She was later reported in good condition. 

Another 15-year-old male victim sustained wounds to his face, chest and abdomen. He was shot on Saturday in the South Shore neighborhood. He was engaged in a verbal altercation with an unknown driver shortly before 1am on Saturday. He was transported to Comer Children’s Hospital. He was reported in critical condition as of May 25. It is not known yet if the boy will make a full recovery. 

Chicago Tribune reported that, in addition to the shooting deaths, there were also fatal stabbings. There were reports that a 46-year-old woman stabbed three men with a knife that she’d had on her person. The Chicago Tribune cited the Chicago Police Department as their source. Four people were injured in this stabbing all total. One person is in custody. That would be the female suspect. 

Chicago Tribune reported that the woman got into a heated altercation in an apartment in the 7600 block of South Union avenue in Gresham neighborhood. The female suspect commenced stabbing people and was not stopped herself until another person stabbed her. 

The male victims of this stabbing onslaught attack were taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center with non-lethal injuries.This is citing the police. The female suspect was taken to the same hospital in question before she was placed in protective custody. 

A photo from the Chicago Tribune communicates the bloody Memorial Day weekend with the image of a bloody rag lying on the pavement. 

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Chicago Tribune states that Chief Superintendent David Brown had anticipated a high spike in violence over the Memorial Day weekend. The Chicago Tribune likewise reflected the record of highest shooting deaths on Memorial Day weekend record of recent years ro the 43 shot/7 dead stats of 2019 or the 69 shot, six fatally of 2016. 

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