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Jimmie Johnson Disqualified From Charlotte 600 After Car Fails Post-Race Inspection

By Austin Payne Staff Writer for Telegraph Local |Owner of  Macro Sports

NASCAR has come out and said that Jimmie Johnson was disqualified from the Charlotte Coca Cola 600.

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The statement comes post race and as a result of an apparent alignment issue with Johnson’s number 48 Ally Bank Chevrolet.

“The failure was rear alignment,” NASCAR Cup Series director Jay Fabian said after the event. “It’s the same thing that we check at least a handful of cars for postrace after every event. I can’t really give specifics on the numbers.”

What the variance was between the two measurements taken remains unknown due to the vague reporting nature of the news.

“Yes, there is a prerace number and a postrace number that does give a pretty decent tolerance. It was outside of those postrace numbers.”

Apparently, this assessment and penalty that was handed down to Johnson and crew is appealable in nature, although it appears somewhat unlikely NASCAR would be inclined to overturn the outcome.

“The allowance is built in for parts that move,” Fabian said. “There is an allowance for that. If parts break, the number is the number. There is no real parameter outside of that. There have been parts in the past that have been designed to fail or break. Certainly not suggesting that is the case here, but that’s what’s gotten us to this hardline and this is the postrace number and there is a fair tolerance from prerace numbers to post-.”

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Even if Jimmie had remained qualified and in contention, he finished 40th in the event, which isn’t exactly near the top of the pack. He was listed at 11th overall in terms of championship standings prior to this, but after the event falls to 15th and sits at 4 points above the players cutoff point.

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