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As death toll nears 100,000, some Americans break from social distancing during holiday weekend

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, CBS This Morning broadcasts Memorial Day weekend activities.

The death toll for COVID-19 reached 100,000 as of Memorial Day weekend. Some Americans chose to break from the social distancing rules over the holiday weekend. This was initially reported by Christina Maxouris, CNN, but made an appearance in the Sioux City Journal. The precise number of recorded coronavirus deaths reached 92,218 over the Memorial Day weekend. Maxouris stated that this was a higher death toll than the American troop fatalities accrued in Vietnam and Korean conflicts combined. 

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Maxouris also quoted President Trump’s comments over the holiday weekend. The dead documented from COVID-19 were remembered alongside those who died in combat. 

“As one nation, we mourn alongside every single family that has lost loved ones, including the families of our great veterans,” he said at the second event. “Together, we will vanquish the virus and America will rise from this crisis to new and greater heights,” said Trump at the Memorial Day  Arlington National Cemetery service, as quoted by Maxouris. The Arlington National Cemetery service was covered in further detail by The Washington Post.

There were no crowds at this year’s Memorial Service, citing The Washington Post. However, many celebrations appeared to have taken place at newly reopened beaches such as Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks. There was also video footage of a grand pool party in Houston. The attendees were said to have been ignoring Houston’s social distancing guidelines.  

The Washington Post reports that the virus has infected an estimated 1.6 million people since it first broke out in the United States. There is some belief that the virus could still be spreading at “epidemic” levels in at least 24 of the 50 states. The Washington Post stated that there is a belief that COVID-19 which was said to have initially broken out in major metropolises is now spreading through rural America. 

The Trump administration banned all foreign entry between the United States and Brazil in the wakae of these new COVID-19 developments. USA Today reported the Brazil travel ban within the last 24 hours. The ban will take effect late Tuesday. This is two days ahead of its initially determined schedule. Coronavirus reportedly surges in Brazil and South America, while the nation’s president dismisses it as “a little flu.” Yet, the global data states that South America has become an epicenter of the virus. In the process, Brazilian health officials dig fields of graves to accommodate the expected influx of newly dead. 

Donald Trump had harsh words for the criticism of his COVID-19 management as of Tuesday morning.

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“For all of the political hacks out there, if I hadn’t done my job well, & early, we would have lost 1 1/2 to 2 Million People, as opposed to the 100,000 plus that looks like will be the number. That’s 15 to 20 times more than we will lose. I shut down entry from China very early!

….One person lost to this invisible virus is too much, it should have been stopped at its source, China, but I acted very quickly, and made the right decisions. Many of the current political complainers thought, at the time, that I was moving far to fast, like Crazy Nancy!” said Trump via his Twitter. His comments posted at 10:18 am May 26.

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