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Ahmaud Arbery killing being investigated as federal hate crime, family attorney says

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, 11 Alive obtained the footage from the scene of Mr. Arbery’s tragic demise.

Ahmaud Arbery’s murder will be investigated as a Federal hate crime, says the family attorney. 

The events of Mr. Arbery’s case took place in Bismarck, Glynn County, GA. The Glynn County Police Department told the Telegraph Local that the case has officially been handed over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. This was stated on May 19. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was not immediately available for comment.

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 Fox 31 reported  via the CNN Wire that the investigation would proceed as a federal hate crime investigation on May 25 at 6:59pm. CNN Wire was citing S. Lee Merritt, an attorney for Mr. Arbery’s family. CBS News corroborated the Fox and CNN Wire reports that the Justice Department will proceed with the Arbery case at the federal level. 

The killing of Ahmaud Arbery has left rifts in the African American community. Especially that of greater Bismark, Georgia. Lorenzo Pier, an independent filmmaker from Just Lorenzo Pier, was compelled to create a film that depicted Arbery’s killing from the opposite racial perspective. In Pier’s film, the victim was a white male and the perpetrators were African American males. 

The Telegraph Local asked Mr. Pier what message he would like to drive home through this film. 

“The message I want to drive is equality in the hearts of all people for all people. I know it will be hard to get across but for so long I’ve personally watched African American people get treated unfair by the very system that is supposed to protect us. Let me say not all situations but more than less. 

I’ve witnessed blacks not get justice. Also let me say I love all people. My friend Congressman John Lewis who marched with Martin Luther King encouraged me to get in “good trouble”. We call it good trouble because sometimes fighting for what’s right can bring trouble. Many people didn’t fully understand my view of producing this video and many I believe they didn’t even want to understand. I hope that if people seen it happening the other way around. They could ask themselves the question. Do you think it would have even took two months to lock them up if the roles were reversed? I honestly believe the two black men would have been in jail that night. I also blame more than the men. I blame the system behind them too. I feel they failed to protect all citizens,”  said Pier in an interview on May 18 at 5pm CDT. 

When asked how Mr. Arbery’s death impacted the culture of race relations in the United States, Mr. Pier felt that it was dependent on the outcome of the investigation. 

“Depending on the outcome of this story. If the system fails to see the view that the people who stand with Ahmaud see. This will only hurt us more because it will only prove that a black people doesn’t have a fair chance in the system. I personally believe that if that video would have not been seen. The two men wouldn’t have been locked up. I also think this should raise awareness in all communities to investigate the heart of the people that serve in the system. Not assuming they are corrupt.

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I also believe that some community systems should be more diverse. I see many counties that are one sided and what I mean by that is there should be equality in jobs in the Court system and Police departments etc. If this case happens to receive the outcome I want which is all people included held accountable. I’m not just talking about the two men. The system in that county protected those men long as they could I feel. So I believe many things must change in Brunswick, Ga. If that does happen I can start to trust that we’re moving in the right direction,” said Pier, in the same interview with Telegraph Local. 

Mr. Pier’s film can be found via his YouTube. 

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