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NFL Rule Proposals Include Adding Booth Umpire, Tech Adviser For Refs

By Austin Payne Staff Writer for Telegraph Local |Owner of  Macro Sports

Because they’re bored and have time, the NFL is contemplating some ideas to add even more officiating and rule changes to the game, at least to experiment with, for this upcoming preseason, assuming we have one.

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The changes would include introducing a booth umpire and a technological specialist into the officiating crew, with the proposals mirror that which have come from teams such as the Baltimore Ravens and Los Angeles Chargers.

Teams received information regarding the suggested changes today, and will have up to a week to decide on their vote on the matter before a virtual meeting to discuss the changes on next Thursday, May 28th.

These changes however, weren’t actually promoted or put forth by the leagues competition committee, meaning that, therefore, they’re somewhat unlikely to be approved of, at least in permanent nature or with great

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With various debates arising around controversial calls involving catches, kickoffs, and even proposals for a replacement to onside kicks put forth by the Eagles, the NFL will likely unavoidably implement some changes to its traditionalist, static rule book it’s had for many years eventually. 

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