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Trump announces executive order ‘suspending’ regulations impeding US economy

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, from the Cabinet meeting, Fox News Now.

U.S. President Donald Trump has announced executive orders that effectively “suspend” regulations impeding the U.S. economy. This was reported by Independent UK within the last 24 hours. The Independent reported that Trump has signed the new executive orders in an attempt to boost both the U.S. COVID-19-era economics and his reelection bid. 

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The executive order has instructed all federal agencies to exercise any power that they have to waive, suspend and eliminate unnecessary regulations that might impede the coronavirus-era economic process. 

The Independent pointed out that Mr. Trump has spent a great deal of his term in office nixing regulations. Particularly those that were put in place by the Obama administration. 

Also, The Independent noted that Mr. Trump is under the pressure of conservative groups to cut regulations even further. This will likely drive the zeal of his deregulation processes as he amplifies his crowd appeal for reelection. 

Trump has taken aggressively to his Twitter feed in the midst of his deregulation campaigns. 

“….Together, we built the greatest economy in history. We will do it again – better than ever before!” said Trump via his Twitter on May 20 at 7:13pm. 

Trump also took the opportunity of his executive deregulation order to push further his “Obamagate” theory agenda. This was reported by The Independent as well on May 20. 

President Trump held a Cabinet meeting on May 19 at 3:12pm EDT  in which he addressed many of his reelection issues with the economy flying high on that list. 

“So we are — it’s really been an incredible thing what’s happened.  It’s the biggest mobilization since World War Two.  And we’re fighting for the livelihoods of American workers, and we must continue to cut through every piece of red tape that stands in our way.  And that’s why this is such an exciting meeting — beyond being a Cabinet meeting, which is always good — because with millions of Americans forced out of work by the virus, it’s more important than ever to remove burdens that destroy American jobs,” said Trump in his Cabinet meeting, as quoted by the White House press transcript. 

“In a few minutes, I will sign an executive order instructing federal agencies to use any and all authority to waive, suspend, and eliminate unnecessary regulations that impede economic recovery.  And we want to leave it that way.  We want to leave it that way.  In some cases, we won’t be able to, but in other cases, we will,” said Trump, prefacing the executive order and “opportunity zones” he was about to sign into effect. 

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“And you’ve heard me say many times — I’ve said and I’ve said it very strongly that regulations — we’ve done more regulation cutting than any President in history, whether they’re there for four years, eight years, or, in one case, more.  We’ve done more regulation cutting — I don’t mean just in a year or two years.  I mean in the three and a half years that we’ve been here, we’ve cut far more regulations by a factor of a lot than any other administration, any other presidency.  So that’s really something,” said Trump as further quoted by the White House press release. 

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