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New Orleans Saints’ Taysom Hill Will Be ‘The Guy’ Once Drew Brees Retires

By Austin Payne Staff Writer for Telegraph Local |Owner of  Macro Sports

According to Jay Glazer, as soon as Drew Brees as gone, the Saints are Taysom Hill’s team and he will be “the guy” in New Orleans for the foreseeable future.

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“No smokescreen, he’s the guy. Sean Payton loves him but it’s not just him, the whole team loves him, not just Sean Payton. Watch a Saints game. When he’s in the game, watch the other players on the sideline, watch their reaction. They all get up and stand on the sidelines to watch him.”

While there’s no doubt Taysom has served as a spark plug and source of excitement for the Saints and their fans for the last couple seasons, it does seem rather early to be dubbing him the next Lamar Jackson.

“I think Sean was always hoping to unleash him on the league without anyone seeing him before but now we’ve seen it with Lamar Jackson. He’s a bigger Lamar Jackson. No, it’s not a smokescreen. He likes him that much, he’ll be the guy. He’s with the perfect coach for that.”

Look, Taysom Hill is an athletic “quarterback” and it’s easy to see why he may get Lamar Jackson comparisons, but it’s a bit disrespectful to Lamar. Taysom’s playing style will never come close to mimicking that or LJ, who has looked like a better version of Michael Vick thus far.

That’s not to say Hill can’t put up some numbers, when and if he proves himself as a passer as Lamar has now done, but it will not look the same as Lamar Jackson hitting the B button on a defender in the open field and taking it to the house.

Also not to be omitted is the fact that Taysom is 29, he’s one of the oldest rookies the league has ever seen. This isn’t to call him old, it’s to say it’s old relative to other “up and coming” franchise quarterbacks who are also reliant upon athleticism.

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Despite the concerns, despite the misplaced comparisons in the form of heuristics, Taysom is fun to watch and fun to pull for, so i can’t wait to see what he becomes. 

Austin Payne
Austin Payne grew up in the north Georgia mountains before having to relocate to Valdosta in 2017. He has worked various public jobs whilst building a budding interest in marketing, philosophy, sciences, music, and a myriad of other things. An avid learner and information consumer, this all makes for a versatile writer who can cover a litany of topics. While attempting to build experience and start a couple businesses he attends college at Valdosta State University and Georgia Southwestern State university.

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