Lightfoot says Chicago lakefront could open soon
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Lightfoot says Chicago lakefront could open soon

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, WGN-TV shows the scene of the Lakefront.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot says that the Chicago Lakefront could open to the public soon. These comments come after political controversy over her lockdown stance. It also comes amid a strong flood season within the city of Chicago. NBC Chicago stated that Lightfoot has said the city will reopen the Lakefront “at some point this summer” but “with changes.” 

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Lightfoot spoke in a one-on-one interview with NBC 5 Chicago on Tuesday, May 19. 

“I think sooner rather than later. “However, when I look at the work that we did prior to the closure to talk about social distancing, talk about the dangers of congregating – why it was important to move on and not just stay on the lakefront- all of it was for naught. Now, it’s a different moment than where we were weeks ago when we closed the lakefront, “said Lightfoot, as quoted by NBC. 

This is a divergence from earlier when Lightfoot said she did not see the lakefront opening until Chicago’s phase 3 stage. 

NBC notes that while Chicago sits in a region of Illinois that is set on schedule to reopen as early as May 29, Lightfoot has herself not given an approximate timeline of when she intends to reopen. 

Chicago Sun-Times reports that Mayor Lightfoot has made specific comments about the plans to reopen the lakefront. The plans suggest that safety measures must be key factors of the plan for any progressive attempts to move forward. 

In last week’s reports, WTTW PBS stated that the city did not plan to reopen the Lakefront in the immediately following phase of Chicago rehabilitation. This was reported by PBS on May 13. WTTW PBS reported earlier, on April 24, that the recent reopening phase had allowed State Park services to begin their reopening scheduling. 

Block Club Chicago also reported within the last seven days that Lightfoot had no intentions of reopening the lakefront even in phase 3. It infers that Lightfoot has made comments suggesting the lakefront will reopen “at some point this summer” in a direct move to divert political tension. 

NBC followed up from a meeting that Illinois lawmakers had in Springfield, Illinois. Lightfoot has strongly inferred her “new normal” city standards when reopening the lakefront. 

Political tensions continue to surmount the meeting of lawmakers in Springfield. Lori Lightfoot shared to her Twitter news regarding Illinois protests that used Nazi-symbolism in their signage. 

“Anti-Semitic signs have returned to Springfield. I just asked this woman if she knew @GovPritzker’s family history. She said it doesn’t matter “because he’s a hypocrite.” However, she will not do an interview,” said Mike Miletich TV in an initial tweet. 

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“This was spotted at a re-open rally today and this what I have to say:

Hate has no place here. 

Neither does foolishness that endangers the lives of our families, co-workers, and others. I stand with @GovPritzker in keeping all of Illinois safe,” said Lightfoot in a tweet caption of the Mike Miletich TV post. 

Direct commentators argued with Lightfoot that the Springfield reopen rallies did not at all reflect hate or racially-driven protest.

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