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Head of NASA’s Human Spaceflight program resigns a week before crucial launch

By | Rachel Brooks

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Above, from NASA’s YouTube, SpaceX prepares to launch.

The Head of NASA’s Human Spaceflight program resigns a week before a crucial launch. Doug Loverro has resigned from the human spaceflight division after serving a mere six months in the role, reported Business Insider within the last 24 hours. His resignation comes only a week before the crucial SpaceX mission is scheduled. SpaceX is set to launch on May 27. 

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Loverro gave an unspecified “mistake” as his reason for resignation in a vague letter submitted to NASA. Ars Technica reports that the “mistake” had nothing to do with Space X at all. Rather, the mistake Loverro is referring to likely has to do with NASA’s first-crewed mission to the moon in decades, called the Artemis project.

 Ars Technica reports that the resignation could not conceivably come at a worse possible time. SpaceX is the first space flight mission NASA has conducted in nine years. 

NASA gave a statement regarding Mr. Loverro’s departure from the program. 

“Associate Administrator for Human Exploration and Operations Doug Loverro has resigned from his position effective Monday, May 18. Loverro hit the ground running this year and has made significant progress in his time at NASA. His leadership of HEO has moved us closer to accomplishing our goal of landing the first woman and the next man on the Moon in 2024. Loverro has dedicated more than four decades of his life in service to our country, and we thank him for his service and contributions to the agency, “ said the statement, as it was quoted by Ars Technica. 

The statement also confirms that, effective immediately, Ken Bowersox will act as the Associate Administrator for the Human Exploration and Operations department or HEO. Veterans of NASA told the press that Mr Bowersox is adequate to serve in the role. 

“Effective immediately, Ken Bowersox will serve as Acting Associate Administrator for HEO. Bowersox, currently the Deputy Associate Administrator for HEO, is a retired US Naval Aviator with more than two decades of experience at NASA. He is an accomplished astronaut and a veteran of five space shuttle missions and commander on the International Space Station. Bowersox has previously led HEO in a time of transition, and NASA has the right leadership in place to continue making progress on the Artemis and Commercial Crew programs,” said the official NASA statement as quoted by Ars Technica. 

Losing no time for the resignation, NASA has shared from headquarters photos of key astronauts preparing for their ascension on May 27. 

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@NASA astronauts @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug arrive @NASAKennedy‘s Launch and Landing Facility, one week ahead of the scheduled liftoff aboard the @SpaceX Crew Dragon to the @Space_Station. #LaunchAmerica Photos: (keep checking back for more!),” said NASA via a tweet that caption the photos that were enclosed below, and are available via Flickr. 

NASA also quoted comments from their astronauts who are preparing not only themselves but also the public for launch day. 

“We view it as an opportunity, but also, a responsibility – for the American people, for the @SpaceX team, for all of @NASA – who put this opportunity together.”

 —@AstroBehnken at today’s @NASAKennedy event. Get ready to #LaunchAmerica on May 27:,” said NASA in a tweet that was posted on May 20 at 4:03pm. 

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