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Record rainfall raises Chicago River to near-record level

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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A woman in proper COVID-19 attire stands at the scene of the flood, on a recent WGN-TV broadcast, highlighting the state of the times.

Record rainfall has raised the Chicago River to a near-record level. The Chicago Tribune called this “unreal” rain that floods homes and knocks power out. It has left Chicago verging on the wettest May on record. Chicago Tribune reported that the Chicago River has swollen to a 60-year high. Also, bodies of water such as the Fox River in eastern McHenry County have risen to new extremes. 

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The Chicago Tribune stated in the article which updated at 9:49pm on May 18, 2020 that the Chicago River and parts of WIlmette were flooding to new high levels. 

Chicago Tribune also reports that The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District has been forced to temporarily reverse the flow of the Chicago River. 

Further reports from Chicago Tribune state that Elgin measures at least seven inches of rainfall over the course of this current storm system. This had pushed many waterways to “near flood levels” as of 3:38pm on May 18. Chicago Tribune cited Elgin-Courier News as its source, sharing its piece directly over the wire. The Elgin-Courier News states that the heavy rainfall over Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday was what caused the rivers to nearly burst into their tears across the greater Chicago region. 

NBC Chicago has reported that downtown Chicago now commences with clean up relief efforts. Also, NBC reports that an apartment complex in South Loop and the Willis Tower have remained unoccupied as its proper residents were forced to flee due to flood conditions that forced them to evacuate.

Many areas have likewise been impacted. Chicago Fire Media released images of Lower Wacker Drive on May 17. The entire low level of that location was flooded. All traffic in that area had thus been suspended.  

Block Club Chicago followed up the images reported by Chicago Fire Media. Block Club stated that the firefighters had launched fire rescue to save the homeless from the life-threatening conditions on Lower Wacker road. The Chicago Fire department had been forced to use “inflatable watercraft” to get people out of the area. 

In addition to the COVID-19 lockdown, the National Weather Service issued a flood warning for Chicago that lasted until 1pm CDT on Monday. The National Weather Service also warned that there could be significant residual flooding in northeastern Illinois. This is further citing Block Club Chicago. The NWS warning was also reported by ABC 7. 

Tracy Butler of ABC7 likewise followed up that the National Weather Service had extended its official flood warning from Monday at 1pm to Tuesday at 4am. Butler showed a forecast map that showed potential flood systems stretched out to Chicago all the way from Pontiac.  

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Citizens also got smartphone footage of waters rushing into River City garages and of waters pooling at the scene of Wacker Drive. One user cites himself as the owner of the River City flood video, see Mario Castro’s footage at Twitter. 

The massive flood zone teasers in Chicago come just two weeks after the Weather Channel reported record-level waters for the Great Lakes region. Record levels in the Great Lakes have caused “destruction.” 

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