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NFL Instituting Changes to Rooney Rule

By Austin Payne Staff Writer for Telegraph Local |Owner of  Macro Sports

The NFL is trying, we think, to eradicate the problem of inequality we see in the hiring process throughout the league, with minority head coaches being just that, a minority.

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Now, some of this can obviously be likened to the fact that well, they’re literally a smaller percentage of the population, and that’s fine, but there are also cases where very qualified minority candidates are passed up on in favor of sometimes under-qualified non-minority candidates as well, and that’s what they’re seeking a solution for.

The changes will be made to the already in tact “Rooney Rule” and will include requiring teams to now interview at least two external (not already working with the franchise) minority candidates for head coaching positions, one for coordinator positions, as well as one for operational or general manager type positions also.

This does in a sense make it seem like it could cause some disingenuous interviews, as teams could simply be bringing candidates they’re not actually interested in, in for an interview just to fulfill their requirements, and nobody wants to waste each other’s time. 

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That’s a problem that can’t necessarily be overcome, so you do have to question whether or not the rule is beneficial because of that. However, sometimes an over-compensation is needed in order for a correction to be made, and hopefully this will aid in getting franchises on the right track.

Austin Payne
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