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Hydroxychloroquine, Trump and Covid-19: what you need to know

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local

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Above, as seen via CBS broadcast, President Trump threatens to permanently defund WHO, issues ultimatum. This happens at the same time as his hydroxychloroquine use controversy.

Controversy over the U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to take hydroxychloroquine continues to surmount. The Guardian reported on May 19 that Vice President Mike Pence will not follow suit with Mr. Trump and that he is not taking hydroxychloroquine himself. Mr. Trump continues to administer the anti-malarial drug despite the FDA warnings against its prolonged use. 

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Controversy continues to intensify as President Trump arrived at the Senate GOP lunch without a PPE mask. Other members of Trump’s cabinet including Kushner and Mark Meadows have publicly appeared without PPE masks on. This was stated by Ali Zaslav of CNN on her Twitter account within the last few hours. Zaslav’s commentary on the Trump administration’s PPE usage was accompanied with video footage of the administration walking. 

Despite the fact that Trump appears to be “resistant” to wearing a mask, as stated by Zaslav, he will be required by the Ford Company to wear a mask at their facilities during tomorrow’s visit. Trump has previously expressed willingness to comply with company policies regarding masks, as seen by his visit to the Honeywell mask producer in Arizona. 

President Trump indirectly responded to the controversy regarding his hydroxychloroquine usage within the last 24 hours. He retweeted a post by the Twitter account username The Hoarse Whisperer that was initially from Vox News contributor Aaron Rupar. The tweet shows a supercut of Fox News coverage of the hydroxychloroquine treatment for COVID-19. While Neil Cavuto is seen to denounce its use, Laura Ingraham positions herself as a near spokeswoman for it. 

“Fox News on hydroxychloroquine in the last two days:

Neil Cavuto: It’ll kill you!!!

Laura Ingraham: Take it! Take it! Take it!” the Rupar tweet reads, as retweeted by President Trump. 

The question which now remains is whether hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine, or any of the antimalarial drug family is beneficial to coronavirus treatment and prevention. On April 22, CBS News reported that the drug had no effect on the coronavirus patients that had been treated with the regimen, casting some doubt on its usefulness against COVID-19. However, the nationwide study was not a “rigorous experiment,” as stated by CBS News. 

As of April 22, the use of hydroxychloroquine in a COVID-19 treatment capacity was inconclusive at best. As of May 19, CBS reported that the NIH has issued more tests on the claimed drug. These tests began as early as April 9 according to the news outlet, and have not appeared to release their final opinion of the drug’s potential benefits at this time.

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While President Trump has not directly commented on his use of the anti-malarial drug today via his Twitter, he has addressed the WHO issue. He has posted a tweet that shows a photocopy of his letter to Dr. Tedros of the WHO. The letter explains the circumstances of yet another COVID-19 controversial action on the president’s part. Namely, the decision to cut off funding for the WHO during the COVID-19 crisis. 

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