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Multiple NFL Players Arrested over Separate Incidents this Weekend

By Tommy Fradenburg

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local | See @tommyfradenburg

This past weekend was a rough one around the NFL; as four players around the league landed themselves in legal trouble over the past few days.

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In Florida police issued warrants for the arrest of cornerbacks Deandre Baker and Quinton Dunbar for armed robbery and assault with a firearm.

Meanwhile, wide receiver Cody Latimer was arrested in Colorado and also faces violence and fire arm charges; while defensive end Ed Oliver went to Montgomery County Jail in Houston for DWI and possession of a pistol.

Baker and Dunbar: What Happened?

Baker and Dunbar turned themselves into authorities in connection with alleged robberies that occurred after a dice game at a house in Miramar, Florida; where they stole both money and watches from other individuals at the illegal gathering.

Dunbar, who plays for the Seattle Seahawks is officially charged with four armed robberies; and Broward County Judge Michael Davis granted him bail at $100,000. Baker of the New York Giants is facing a bond that’s twice as expensive as Dunbar’s; as he’s charged with both armed robbery with a firearm and aggravated assault with a firearm.

“At some point there was an argument that arose between some of the parties that were playing the dice game,” it read the affidavit of witness and friend to both parties Dominick Johnson.

“I was never in fear for my life in any situation that happened that day and DeAndre Baker did not take any property from me and did not point a gun at anyone.”

Dunbar’s attorney Michael Grieco attempted to discredit the police, calling it a “bogus arrest warrant based solely on uncorroborated witness statements.”

Neither Baker nor Dunbar have a criminal history; and their attorneys reportedly have multiple affidavits clearing both players who are set for release Sunday.

Cody Latimer: What Happened?

Police responded to a report of shots fired at an apartment in Douglas County, Colorado.

As officers arrived they heard arguing and more shots before entering the apartment and apprehending Washington Redskins wide receiver Cody Latimer.

Latimer was transported to Douglas County Detention Facility under five different chargers including assault, illegal discharge of a firearm and prohibited use of a weapon; and is facing a $25,000 bond. One person reported minor injuries unrelated to the gunfire; but no other people were hurt.

Latimer began his career with the Denver Broncos and spent the past two seasons with the Giants before signing a one-year deal with Washington.

“There’s an entire back story to this situation that constitutes one of the most highly provocative situations you can imagine,” said Latimer’s lawyer Harvey Steinberg. “Please withhold judgment until all the facts of what took place that night are known.”

Ed Oliver: What Happened?

Police pulled over Oliver driving on State Highway 252 in Texas after; after a fellow motorist called 911 about a Ford truck pulling a dune buggy through a construction zone. The caller reported Oliver was “failing to maintain a lane and driving dangerously.”

After being pulled over police discovered the Bills player with an open beer in his vehicle as well as a pistol. He’s charged with driving while intoxicated and unlawfully carrying a weapon, both misdemeanors.

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“We are aware of the situation and we are gathering more information,” the Bills said in a statement. “We will have no further comment at this point.”

Oliver was an instant difference maker after the Bills selected him with the ninth overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft; with 43 tackles and five sacks.

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