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Israeli settler found guilty of murder in arson attack on Palestinian family

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local

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Above, i24 News broadcasts the scene of a former structure in Duma, West Bank, where a Palestinian family were murdered by arson at the hands of a radical Israeli domestic terrorist.

Amiram Ben Uliel has been pronounced guilty in the deaths of a Palestinian toddler and his parents in Duma village, Occupied West Bank, Palestinian State in 2015. The terror incident took place after U.S. peace mitigation talks between the Jewish State and the Hamas-controlled Palestinian state stalled in 2014. The verdict against Ben Uliel was reached in the Lod District Court of Lod, Israel on May 18. This was reported by Reuters on May 18 at 1:17 am. Ben Uliel has been found guilty of racially-motivated murder in the form of an arson attack. His victims were Ali Dawabsheh, aged 18 months at the time of his passing, and his parents Saad and Riham Dawabsheh. 

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Reuters reported that Ben Uliel firebombed the Dawabsheh home in Duma along with one other residence after spraying radicalized graffiti on local structures. 

The Dawabshehs  also had one young son named Ahmed who, citing Reuters, survived the arson slayings. He has since been nursed by his grandfather, Hussein Dawabsheh.

Israel’s Shin Bet counter-terrorism agency has hailed the conviction of 25-year-old Ben Uliel as one of progress for equality between Palestinian and Jewish nationals in the territory. However, Ben Uliel intends to form a Supreme Court appeal. His lawyers have told the press that the Shin Bet interrogators extracted false confessions from their client. 

Reuters further reports that a minor defendant collaborated in Ben Uliel’s crimes.

The Jerusalem Post also reported the conviction of Ben Uliel for his attack in July 2015. While Ben Uliel was convicted for  a domestic terrorist attack on the Duma residents, he was acquitted of affiliation with a larger terrorist cell. The Jerusalem Post likewise reports that Shin Bet, the Israel Security Services, used enhanced interrogation techniques to withdraw confessions from Ben Uliel. However, his confessions were given 36 hours after enhanced interrogation methods ceased. His confessions were therefore given of his free consent. The court was further convinced by Ben Uliel’s voluntary reconstruction of the scene of the crime. 

Also citing The Jerusalem Post, on July 30, 2015, then 21-year-old Ben Uliel attempted a rendezvous with the minor defendant. When the minor suspect did not appear, Ben Uliel proceeded with the attacks on his own. He donned gloves, and visually obstructed his face with a t-shirt mask. He then proceeded to paint radicalized graffiti on the walls of a structure. He tossed one Molotov cocktail into an unoccupied residence. He then proceeded to the Dawabsheh residence. He attempted two Molotov cocktails that failed to contact the residence’s interior due to the barred construction of the windows. He tossed in a third that made its way through a third window. The third Molotov cocktail burned the residence down killing the toddler, the parents, and critically wounding the second minor child. 

Ben Uliel’s lawyer Asher Ohayon argues that Ben Uliel has been tortured worse than his Palestinian counterparts. He vows to take this case to the Supreme Court on the grounds that Shin Bet has been open to enhanced interrogation over the past three years, without solid parallels. 

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Despite Ohayon’s outrage, the former Shin Bet chief Yoram Cohen told The Jerusalem Post that he “fundamentally altered” the approach Israel took toward prosecuting Jewish terrorism against Palestinians. Additionally, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the 2015-era defense minister Moshe Ya’alon condemned the brutal attack. They made frequent public statements urging regional partners in the Palestinian Authority, Jordan and Egypt, as well as globally, that they were taking measures to ensure justice be brought to Ben Uliel.

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