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UFC Fighter Says His Teeth Were Falling Out During Brutal Bout

By Austin Payne Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local |Owner of  Macro Sports

The UFC continues to pave the way in regards to forging the path for sports to return, and it kept on doing so this week as events went on in Jacksonville, Florida. 

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Light Heavyweight (what a fun class name. Kind of like, skinny fat or like…healthy ice cream? Unbiased politics? Okay, i’ll stop.) contenders Anthony Smith and Glover Teixeira were the center piece fighters of the main event, one that resulted in the Brazilian decimating his opponent and taking the W in the 5th round via technical knockout.

At one point during this fight Anthony Smith was tossing the ref his extra teeth like they were a mouth piece, and you can’t help but ask, should it have even still been going on at this point?

Dana White even had some vivid commentary on the event:

“I didn’t think his corner was going to let him come out,” White said during the post-fight press conference. “But that’s between them and their corner. And then the ref could have stopped that in the fourth too. Us sitting on the outside it was a little tough to watch.”

He suffered a broken nose, two missing teeth, broken orbital bone, as well as some cuts.

Smith however, was glad to have stayed in the bout.

“I’m good with the decisions the referee and my corner made,” Smith said to ESPN. “When the ref made it clear he needed to see something or he was gonna stop it, I did what I had to do to stay in the fight. I come out of battle with my shield or I come out on it. That’s my rule. Period.”

Nevertheless, full set of teeth or not…UFC is here even if no other sport is, and Dana White is confident that they’re doing it the right way.

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“This isn’t just some crazy, this is a well thought out plan,” he continued. “We’ve had very, very smart people, doctors and people that have been involved with the UFC for a very long time working on this thing non-stop since it started. We believe that we have this thing in a place where it can be as safe as it can possibly be.”

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