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Richard Burr to step down as Intelligence Committee chairman

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, MSNBC captures a moment where Richard Burr is questioned by the press.

Richard Burr will now step down as the Intelligence Committee chairman. An investigation ensues regarding his choice to benefit from the COVID-19 crisis by using his position in the Intelligence Committee to sell off stocks before the expected virus announcement crash. The LA Times reported within the last 24 hours that the FBI has officially served Burr a warrant.  

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In addition to a warrant, the FBI has also seized a cellphone that belonged to Burr to search for records of his illegal stock sales. 

Kyle Griffin, the senior producer of MSNBC’s “The Last Word” reported this on May 13. 

“Breaking via LA Times: Federal agents seized a cellphone belonging to Republican Sen. Richard Burr as part of the Justice Department’s investigation into controversial stock trades he made as the coronavirus struck the US, a law enforcement official said,” said Griffin in an official tweet. 

The world watches with breath bated to see what will become of Richard Burr. In the immediate wake of that LA Times article, NBC legal analyst Barb McQuade was swift to share it.

“A search warrant requires a judge to find probable cause of a crime. Search warrant of a *senator* requires approval at the highest levels of DOJ. Investigation of Sen. Richard Burr just got serious,” said McQuade via a tweet that was posted on May 13. 

Sean Davis the CoFounder of the Federalist also had some musings regarding Burr’s arrest and raid. 

“As chairman of Senate Intel, Richard Burr ran interference for the corrupt intelligence and law enforcement bureaucracy behind the attempted coup against Trump. With the FBI raid of his home and seizure of his phone, I wonder if Burr regrets his refusal to do actual oversight,” said Davis in a tweet that was posted on May 13. 

There are also those who argue that prosecutions moving forward against Richard Burr will fail to be anything but partial to Kelly Loeffler for doing the same. These individuals, left off record for their privacy, state that the Richard Burr distinction is being made to punish Burr “for not protecting Trump.” 

However, Kyle Griffin also reported that Kelly Loeffler has produced records of her alleged illegal stock sales on her behalf to the Department of Justice. 

“Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler has supplied records about stock trading on her behalf to the Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Senate Ethics Committee, her office announced,” said Griffin, in an official tweet. 

This suggests that she also suspects she will be investigated the same as Burr. 

Despite being in the limelight for his alleged crimes, Richard Burr does not seem to be phased. He took to Twitter recently to discuss his replacement following his removal.

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“On Tuesday @ 9:30 AM, Senate Intel will hold its nomination hearing for the Director of National Intelligence.

While attendance will be limited due to current public health guidelines, the hearing will be livestreamed here,” said Burr, via an official tweet. He also gave the link to the livestream in question, which can be found here. 

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