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Landscapers robbed on Chicago’s North Side

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, Inside Edition shares Ring video capture of a brutal home invasion in Arlington Heights over the last month. Robberies and crime escalate on the Northside with landscapers caught right in the middle.

Landscapers have been robbed on Chicago’s North Side. Chicago police warned that landscapers have been the target of a string of recent robberies in the North Side neighborhoods of Logan Square, Sauganash and Edgebrook. 

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In each of the incidents, the suspect approached the landscapers as they worked. Then, they proceeded to steal equipment from their trucks. They implied that they had a gun to get the landscapers to be compliant. 

This was reported by Fox 32 within the last 24 hours. Fox 32 shared from the Sun-Times Media Wire. Sun-Times Media Wire cited the Chicago police as their source.

There were at least three robberies. They occurred as follows. One at approximately 12:15pm, April 28, in the 5900 block of North Kilbourn Avenue. Another at approximately 1:45pm on May 11 in the 2700 block of North Francisco Avenue. Last, a third robbery occurred at approximately 12pm May 12 in the 6400 block of North Le Mai Avenue. 

Anyone who may have information regarding these burglaries is asked to please contact Area Five detectives at 312-746-7394. 

The Chicago Sun-Times has since reported more robberies in the Logan Square and Austin neighborhoods. In both of these new cases, the suspect came up behind victims, knocked them to the ground, and took their property. 

The robberies have caused a local buzz among the residents of Chicago. The news site Chicago Navigator weighed in on the worry the community feels as no profession or neighborhood appears to be safe, even during the COVID-19 imposed lockdowns. 

In the same 30-minute drive radius as these repeat break-ins, the Chicago Tribune reports that a daylight home invasion has disturbed Arlington Heights. Doorbell video footage captures the scene of a “shocking” daily home invasion. The footage was released by the Chicago Police on Thursday. 

The Ring video captures the two suspects who have since been identified as Bradley J. Finnan, 38, of Chattanooga, Tennessee and Larry D. Brodacz, 58, of Buffalo Grove approaching the residence in Arlington Heights. The residence is located in the 2400 block of Evergreen Avenue. The pair approaches the scene wearing baseball caps, surgical-styles masks, and gloves. Because naturally one must practice good social distancing and PPE habits when hosting a home invasion. 

The men enter the home and shout out a greeting. Then, the scene turns to chaos, citing the Chicago Tribune. Screams and curse words are heard from inside the residence. Within a few seconds, Finnan is chased from the home by the male homeowner. There is then a struggle between the two men, captured by the Ring video. 

In the case of this crime, the male homeowner said he had heard a knock on his door and assumed that it was his landscapers. The male homeowner went into the residence and retrieved his wife’s weapon after Finnan ran off. He then proceeded to go and fight with Brodcacz who had his wife and children at gunpoint within the residence. 

During the struggle for their lives, the male homeowner shot and killed Brodcacz with his wife’s gun. 

Brodcacz’s death was ruled a homicide. Due to Illinois’ felony murder laws, murder charges can be dolled out if the death occurs in the course of a crime, even if someone else actually causes the death and even if the accused did not intend for the killed person to die. In this case, Finnan has been charged with felony murder and home invasion. Finnan has been charged even though the homeowner is responsible for fatally shooting Brodcacz. 

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It is unclear if the crime in Arlington Heights is potentially connected to the same group of people responsible for the escalating crime rates among landscapers on the Northside. Finnan and Brodcacz met through their profession as car salesmen. It is a possibility that crimes in this area are conducted by a form of criminal networking, but these two appear to have acted alone. 

The Arlington Heights incident happened within the last month.

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