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Jets Free Agent Target Logan Ryan Is “Open For Business”

By Austin Payne Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local |Owner of  Macro Sports

There are still a few lingering high profile free agents that remain on the market, and at this point it seems that they may be there a while. 

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Cam Newton, Clowney, and even Logan Ryan headline the remainders of the 2020 free agency class who’ve yet to find a home. 

Newton remains the most complex situation, as he’s a starting caliber quarterback in a league where there aren’t too many teams who are both ready to win and devoid of a few year fill in at QB. He could end up being a mid-season addition after an injury occurs.

Clowney will likely be picked up by a team on a short term deal before the season begins, and Logan Ryan is probably the closest to signing.

The former Patriots and Titans veteran CB recently said that he was “open for business” despite the fact that the Jets seemingly are locked in on bringing him in, according to various reports.

The Jets are certainly in need of some backend help on the defense, but Ryan says he’s in no rush to make a decision.

“I’m trying to do what’s best for my family and everything like that,” said Ryan. “Obviously there’s a lot of rumors out there, I can’t confirm any of it because I’m obviously still not signed yet. We’ll see, I obviously want to get a deal done whenever and I’m open to it. We’ll see what happens there, but I’m also open to 30 other franchises except for the Titans, that’s the only one I ruled out this far, so I’m completely open for business.”

Ryan is now 29 and considered a veteran, but he’s coming off arguably one of his best, if not best, professional season and has shown he can lead most secondary groups.

The Jets would make a lot of sense considering the fact that he’s familiar with the northeast and went to college at Rutgers, he’s also been pleased with the fans reaction to the rumors, but no formal ink has been dried yet.

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“The Jets, I mean, it makes a lot of sense because I’m from the area,” said Ryan. “I went to Rutgers 20 minutes from there, so I’m familiar with New Jersey, I’m blue-collar, that’s how I grew up. I came out of Rutgers in the third round to New England, I had to do my job and I continue to do that.”

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