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Heavy rain floods Chicago expressways, stranding cars

By Fabrice Pierre-Toussaint

Staff Writer for Telegraph Local | See my LinkedIn

ABC 7 Chicago revealed heavy rain persisted overnight and led to problems on Chicago area expressways with cars being stuck in high standing water.

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O’Hare Airport recorded 3.52 inches of rain Thursday and 2.36 inches of rain were recorded at Midway Airport.

The water diminished Friday morning on the Edens Expressway in Lincolnwood, but several cars had gotten stuck in the water near Pratt Avenue. One family waited on top of their car until firefighters came to rescue them through their back window.

Thunder and lightning flashed through the sky over the city as well. Even though people are encouraged not to drive through standing water, several cars were seen driving through flooded viaducts near Lake Shore Drive.

On the South Side, firefighters helped a man when his car got stuck in all that water because the rain was coming down so fast.

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The rain should come to a stop Friday morning before more rain is expected on Sunday.

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