Two Florida skydivers seriously injured
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Two Florida skydivers seriously injured after spiraling to ground when parachutes failed

By | Rachel Brooks

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Above, the aftermath of the skydivers’ crash on ClickOrlando.

Two Florida skydivers have been seriously injured after spiraling to the ground when their parachutes failed. Their Icarus-styled free fall has been captured on video, reported by NBC News on May 14. The two skydivers were a skydiving instructor and a student. The Daily Mail reported that the incident occurred on May 13.

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Photos from the scene show paramedics surrounding a pair of broken trees near a residence in Titusville, Florida. Brevard County Fire Rescue responded to the fall at approximately 10:30am on Wednesday. Brevard County responded to the scene where two skydivers crashed into a yard, citing the Titusville Fire Department. 

Both of the victims have been airlifted to trauma centers with serious injuries. 

NBC spoke with witnesses at the scene. 

“We thought at first it was a stunt. But when they started coming toward the ground we could tell that something wasn’t right because of how fast they were going,”said witness Joshua Graham, as quoted by NBC. 

Titusville Police Department is currently investigating the scene. 

WESH 2 reported that video shows the two skydivers spiraling in midair and flailing helplessly. The instructor and the student were linked together in a tandem jump that was the student’s first jump. They took a leap from 18,000 feet. They plummeted to the earth and crashed in a front yard of Tennessee Street and Georgia Avenue in Titusville, Florida. 

WESH also spoke with Joshua Graham regarding the incident. 

“”We thought at first it was a stunt. But when they started coming toward the ground we could tell that something wasn’t right because of how fast they were going,” said Graham as quoted by WESH 2. 

The two male victims were flown to hospitals with serious injuries. 

The jump was reported by NBC to have been arranged from Skydive Space Center. The jump center is home to some of the highest jumps. The center reopened on May 2 following the coronavirus lockdowns in Florida. NBC cited the company’s Facebook as its source. 

The Daily Mail UK places the exact approximate location in the 900 block of Tennessee Street. Those who filmed the scene were heard on audio saying such as “Oh my God,’ and “They’re going down.” 

The Daily Mail UK also puts the more precise approximate time of the incident at 10:28 am. 

When they were assessed, the two men were declared trauma alerts. Orlando Health Air Care 3 and Health First Trauma Center along with First Flight Air Medical Transport worked to airlift them to the hospital. 

Images released by the fire department shows hefty branches off the top of the tree. 

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Click Orlando News 6 corroborates The Daily Mail UK account. The two victims were treated at the scene. 

Police stated that the skydiving trip originated from the Dunn Airport North Titusville. The Space Coast Skydive Center owner Greg Nardi has stated that they were looking into the incident. Nardi maintains that all equipment was functioning properly prior to this incident. 

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