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Nearly 200 goats escape enclosure and run free in California neighborhood

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, Daily Blast Live captures the scene as the goats break out and hasten to their war spoils of flowers and neighborhood lawn grass.

Nearly 200 goats have escaped an enclosure in a California neighborhood and ran about. USA Today reported this at 12:31pm on May 13, 2020. The goats are kept at the enclosure to eat down the brush in the local region and thus prevent the outbreak of wildfires. The enclosure is located in a Northern California neighborhood. 

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Locals tweeted the humor and crazy of the runaway goats. USA interviewed Zach Roelands, a local who states that the goats are cordoned off behind his house. They are placed there for two or three days each year to eat down the local vegetation. Roelands stated that the goats “somehow” escaped the little knoll they partitioned off while they were trying to eat from his neighbor’s backyard.

Roelands then stated that the goats eventually got out into all the surrounding yards of the neighborhood. They ate down some of the lawns and left their droppings littering them. However, it did not evidently take a long time to round all the goats up once more and place them again in their enclosure. 

The onslaught of goats made its traffic all around the major news cycle. NBC reported within the last 24 hours that the goats escaped into a neighborhood of East San Jose. They were attempting to eat flowers on the other side of their fence when they escaped. As they strained to reach the flowers, one goat broke a fence board. 

In his original tweet, Zach Roelands also shared video footage of the scene of goats on the loose. 

“I’m dead. When I got back from the store all the goats had broken through the fence and were recking havoc on our street. This is the craziest thing to happen all quarantine,” said Roelands on Twitter. 

The goats were used by Zach Roelands father Terry. Terry Roelands had employed the use of the goats to keep the brush down after fires destroyed portions of his property some 15 years ago. Mr. Roelands relayed this to NBC Bay Area. 

The goats roamed free of care and unconcerned with the quarantine lockdowns in California for a while. A neighbor was eventually able to lead the goats back to their ranchlands. 

A.V. Club pointed out how the goats “paid no mind” to social distancing as they ran roughshod over Eastern San Jose. A.V. Club also compared the onslaught march to some “bizarre opening scene of Dawn of the Dead.” The goats didn’t venture away from each other. They marched in ranks as if some glorious purpose called them to battle. 

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The Mercury News even went so far as to call the incident “pure chaos” as the goats made their assault on lawns and driveways. They marched heads up and eyes afire looking directly into the cameras of some of the photos on scene dauntless to a fault. If they wanted flowers, they should have them, and so they seized them and were photographed going straight for a bush of purple and white flowers. 

The Mercury News describes the area as the Silver Creek neighborhood of San Jose. The goats normally are brought in to clear an area of brush near Trowbridge Way and Cannes Place. 

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