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Bill Daly Provides Update On NHL’s Progress Toward a Resumed Season

By Austin Payne Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local |Owner of  Macro Sports

Sports are…reluctantly, somewhat, maybe…coming back to us, we think?

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The UFC is back without fans in attendance, the NFL is proceeding as usual, the Premier League is on the way, the NBA is starting to say things about returning to action, and now, it’s the NHL’s turn. 

The NHL’s deputy commissioner Bill Daly recently commented on the potentiality of a swift return of hockey in an interview.

“I think we’re moving toward some ideas that hopefully have some traction,” Daly told The Athletic. “And again, we want to get to what the resumption-of-play scenario looks like sooner rather than later. We still have some work to do… we’ll get there. It’s been a good process.”

This could mean the implementation of the leagues “return to play” plan starting as soon as later this month or in early June, if things go according to plan. 

The NHL’s “return to play” committee has begun to meet, as they did again on Tuesday, and it seems as if a plan may finally begin to take shape very soon.

Phase two is about to begin, or so we think. This it the stage that will involve the reopening of team facilities and should serve as somewhat of a precursor to the leagues unofficial training camp, which will be an important step to getting everyone back in order.

After this commenced, we would be able to proceed with regular playoff and draft events, presumably without fans in attendance of course.

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Some other noteworthy outlines of returning to play would be:

  • Both a 24 and 20 team playoff format is still very possible.
  • The league plans to hold it’s normal draft in June, barring ongoing debates.
  • Testing will remain paramount.
  • Neutral sites are still a possibility. 
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