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Armando Galarraga Wants MLB To Credit Him With Perfect Game

By Austin Payne Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local |Owner of  Macro Sports

Almost 10 years ago, the Detroit Tigers right handed pitcher Armando Galarraga felt as though he had just completed and pitched a perfect game, one which would’ve been the 20th in the entire history of Major League Baseball.

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Armando put away 26 Cleveland Indian batters in a row without any hesitancy, controversy, or debate. It was only when Jason Donald hit a ground ball that ended up in the hands of Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera, which he then flipped to Galarraga who landed an out.

Despite the fact that the runner was clearly out and everything had been executed properly, the umpire who made the call, Jim Joyce, for some reason decided to have a last minute change of mind and rule the batter safe.

Now, after all this time, Galarraga wants to be credited with his perfect game.

“I was like, what can I do to have a better finish to the story?” Galarraga recently told The Athletic. “How can Major League Baseball give me the perfect game? Because it was perfect, right?”

Now, the MLB doesn’t have a very potent history in terms of making retrospective changes to its results on the scorecard, probably because electing to allow such requests would result in a litany of them coming in.

Despite this though, it hasn’t deterred Armando.

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“Why not? Why wait for so long? I don’t want to die, and then they’ll be like, ‘You know what, he threw a perfect game.’”

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