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Palestinian teen shot dead by Israeli forces

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, the scene of the teenager’s funeral that was shared by the Palestinian Quds News Network.

A Palestinian teen was shot dead by Israeli Defense Forces, abbreviated IDF, during a raid in the occupied West Bank. This was reported by Al Jazeera on May 13. Zaid Fadl Qaisia, age 15, was shot in the head during a raid of the occupied West Bank. The teen was shot by an IDF soldier during the clashes that escalated in al-Fawar refugee camp in Hebron province. 

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The IDF were raiding the camp in pursuit of a different teenager that they had come to arrest. They were positioned on rooftops at the time of the incident. Zaid Fadl Qaisia was also on a rooftop, watching the events, when he was shot, in what appears to have been an incident of crossfire. The Israeli Defense Forces released a statement that the soldiers had come to make arrests and were met with a violent riot in the al-Fawar camp. 

“Some of the soldiers stationed themselves on the rooftops of the houses, and Zaid was on the rooftop of his house watching them when he got shot,”” said Abdelfattah Najjar, a resident of al-Fawar, as quoted by Al Jazeera. 

Zaid Fadl Qaisia’s untimely death comes amid a backdrop of escalating tensions in Hebron and between the Hamas-controlled Palestinian state and the Jewish State. The Jerusalem Post reported that news of the teen’s death, who the J-Post names as Zaid Jamil Al-Fayoumi, reached the rest of the region mere hours after overnight clashes were reported in the town of Ya’abad. The Jerusalem Post stated that the soldiers were in pursuit of the murderer of Sergeant First Class Amit Ben Yigal. The IDF described the violent outbreak in Hebron as an assault of stones, Molotov cocktails, and IDF soldiers heard isolated gunfire in the area as arrests were being made. Soldiers responded with crowd dispersal measures and live fire. The outlet reports that four more Palestinians were wounded in the live fire in the Al-Fawwar refugee camp. Al Jazeera states that the other four injured were also youths who were hit by live fire rounds. 

The Jerusalem Post was present for the funeral speech from the father of the murdered Sergeant First Class Amit Ben Yigal yesterday preceding the violent uprising in al-Fawar. Ben Yigal was also murdered in an arrest raid in the West Bank. He was killed when a large rock struck him in the head. Ironically, both the Palestinian and the Israeli youths were killed in the same region, with a wound to the head, mirroring opposite sides of a bitter conflict.  This was reported on May 12. The Palestinian boy died within the last 48 hours, but the Israeli young man died on Thursday.

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Ben Yigal’s funeral was held on Tuesday. Zaid Fadl Qaisia’s funeral was held on early Wednesday. Yigal was also quite young when he died, at a mere 21. He was from Ramat Gan. He was promoted to Sergeant First Class posthumously. 

The Jerusalem Post recorded the riveting grief of the young soldier’s father and mother, Baruch and Nava.

“He was my only son. I have nothing else, he was my whole world,” said Baruch as quoted by The Jerusalem Post. 

At his funeral Baruch had this likewise to say about this son, 

“My father lies 20 meters from you. He will look after you. My mother is also here and she will also look after you. Until today at 6:30 in the morning I was a happy man. Your closet is full of new clothes. Stand and wear them. You’re my son Amit. I’m broken. I’m broken. I don’t know what to do abuya [my son] I’m broken. My child you promised to take care of yourself and where are you now?

I paid a heavy price. I am alone, totally alone ya abuya. I’m alone… what can I say abuya, you left me alone. At 6:30 in the morning I became another person. I still can’t comprehend it. You called me akbar aba [a great father], but now I’m nothing. I’m no longer an akbar Aba. I’m broken. I hope I was a good father. I hope I hope I hope ya abuya. God give me the strength to get up in the morning.”

The soldier’s mother Nava screamed at the soldiers when they came to tell her the news. 

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“No! Go away from here!! That’s it. My life has changed. My eldest son, your sisters don’t understand what is going on,” said the mother, as she was quoted by The Jerusalem Post.

It is not known what words of grief were said for young Zaid Fadl Qaisia. The family was not quoted on the record. 

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